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Evening mama's!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Hope all had a good meal and wonderful company to share it with :

It's been a few days, sorry, I took some needed RNR time for me and family. We survived the long weekend and we're looking fwd to Christmas .

I had my 2nd u/s today, all looks great~ I'm happy to report that we're doing GREAT! Baby is growing at a pace of 1mm/day (daily avg.) so as of today, baby is 14mm long I'm 7wks & 5 days, time is moving quick. I have my final u/s next week Monday, if all continues to go well that should be my last apt. with the fertility Dr. and I graduate to my OB's office. 1st OB apt sched. for 12/11 I am still feeling great, no nausea/gas/heartburn or other- still worse sympton is backache (this will definitely be a back labor baby!) We hosted an "after Thanksgiving dinner" on Friday at our home, just close friends and their kids ~ I was so tired and stuck (yeah back was bad!) that I could not walk by the end of the night, dh was on-call, he was ready with heat pad and tylenol : LOVE that man! I'm feeling more at peace with all the little changes. After today's apt. I realized that this is it, I've been so blessed to have good health and great healthy vibes! I am still a little scared, a little, for the unknown and all the what if's to come, but I am really feeling like this was meant to happen this way ~~ baby is growing well and all seems to be just right. I can't believe we're so close to being over the 1st trimester hump, 1/3rd of the way through it baby-yeah!! .. They gave us another pic today Not much to say except I wish you all the best ~~ Hope to hear from you all soon!

Devilish~ how was the dinner, all turned out the way you planned? Is your special surprise still hidden? Hope all turned out great for ya! Did you have your u/s over the weekend afterall? How'd it go?! Soo excited to hear HOW MANY!!!!

Have a great evening everyone
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Where is everyone?.......

Hope everyone is ok and doing well..
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Hi OurTime! How are you? How's the bean?

Busy, busy here...starting stims tonight.

DF, Cincy? How's it going?
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Morning Ladies!

How's everyone doing? It's been a while...

Ann~How exciting , you're on your way, so happy for you!! How's it going with the stim? All ok? How are you feeling? - guess this means you're a few weeks away to ER!!!!

DevilishF~Haven't heard from you in a while, hope everything is going good with you. DH and I were thinking of you both last night again, we're so happy for you, can't wait to hear more from you on your bean(s)?

I'm doing well, all is moving along pretty smoothly I have my 3rd and final u/s today in a few hrs., this is my final one with specialist and if all continues to be good, it should be my last for a while. I'm going to miss going in and seeing the people that helped us achieve our dreams. In such a short time, they've all become a 2nd little family for us, they've been soo awesome! so let's see.. today I should be 8wk5days, Dr. had said the most crucial weeks would be 7-8 & 9.. so this is my last "dangerous" week.. feels good to be at the end of this count and so looking fwd to the normal 1/month apt.'s. DH and I went looking around last night for gear, so many to look at and choose from~ it was fun checking out all the dif. clothing, all kinds of goodies!! We'll be narrowing it down real soon and get it all on order, baby room planning is the best! Very exciting, dh and I are really enjoying all this time. Not much else going on, will check back in the afternoon with final u/s info.

Hope we haven't lost anyone, how's everyone else cycles going?
Best Wishes to you ALL!!
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Anyone home? ;P

Just a quick fyi regarding final u/s apt. - we graduated!!

All is great~ we are good to go now, they gave us our 3rd and final pic
my lil. bean is 21mm long (3/4"), I am right on track, 8wks5 days.. all is progressing very well. It was a sweet apt given the fact that we have less to be concerned with and the norm can beggin, but like I said in my morning posting, we will definitely miss the entire crew~~ they were all a bunch of professionals, but more so a bunch of supporting sweethearts!! We took some goodies to the office for them, just to say "Thanks", we really couldn't have done it without them. Although I'll miss them all, I am relieved to be moving on to the next phase of our journey. This all sometimes still feels like a dream, we're so happy, we're blessed with awesome family and very tight group of friends!

Oh yeah, dh and I decided to buy a baby's first christmas pic ornament were we can put one of our u/s pic to hand on our tree this year!!

Wishing you all the best~~ Take Care 'n have a GREAT NIGHT!
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Hey guys. Sorry I've been mia. I've been having a lot of really bad morning sickness and just general busyness. We had our ultrasound and we're having TWINS. We saw two heartbeats! We're really excited. We told our parents and gave them their Tiffany rattles and they are really excited too. Since we're having twins we have to get a few more things than we thought, but no biggie! We've got our 2nd ultrasound on the 10th. Our first was last wed, but they didn't want to see us back till the 10th for some reason. : I am 6 weeks and 5 days today (monday). Since we're having twins, we've also got to tweak our birth plans a bit. The hospital we were going to do a waterbirth at won't allow it with twins. so we'll more than likely be planning a homebirth.

Ann~ how are stims going? Got an ER date yet?

Our Time~ thanks for the thoughts. We've been thinking about you guys too, but I've been so exhausted! When's your due date? Are you joining a ddc? I'm in the july 08 ddc.

Well hope everyone is doing well and we should be posting our ultrasound pics sometime soon!
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I had a feeling that you were having twins!! Could they tell you if they were fraternal, identical.. any details or too soon? How amazing~I'm very happy for you both.. Hope your nausea doesn't last too long..

Hope all goes smoothly for you both! Yeah, I was planning on joining a ddc, haven't done much looking just yet. My due date is 7/11, sunny and warm early summer time~ perfect weather

***CONGRATULATIONS*** again! :

Cincy - are you still around? Miss you, hope all is good with you!
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doubt-- question

Devilish - if you're 6wks and I'm 9wks, why is your due date sooner than mine; 7/8 vs. 7/11??????????????????

sorry, I re-read your msg and I noticed the date dif. -- will it be a early "sched" delivery, I thought you could only "schedule" if it's a c-section.. I'm confused.. :
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They're fraternal twins. It was really cool getting to see both of their heartbeats. My due date is either July 22 or July 25th. Twins often can come 3 weeks early though, and only 5% of babies come on their due dates, so I just put july '08 since it'll be sometime during july and it would be too hard to predict exactly when they will come. So, sometime in july of next year, not the 8th of july. . Though I probably will end up delivering before you, just because I'm having twins.
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Thanks for the quick reply~~ I thought maybe I was mixing up my info about due date or something.. One of the worse symptoms I'm experiencing is "memory" sometimes when I call somewhere I forget completely why I was calling.. it sounds funny, but it's actually not cute when it's important things..

Fraternal twins --yeay!! Twins in general--yeay!! I just think it's so awesome period! When we saw our little one's heartbeating it was the most wonderful, no words can explain, experience.. I can only imagine what it must've been like to see 2!

I'm searching for a ddc tonight, see what happens.. unless I fall asleep early again, some days I can't stay awake past 9pm

Take Care!!
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Yeah, we didn't know how we'd react to twins, but we were thrilled. DH cried in the RE's office!

I think you'd be in my DDC, july '08. Yeah, I've been having the memory issues too. I'll forget what I've eaten, what meds I've taken, etc. And you're right, so not funny when it's important things!
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So thrilled... yeah we had geared ourselves up for the possibility of twins and when Dr. confirmed single bean, I could see a bit of sadness in dh eyes, he was so happy/thrilled to see the one heartbeating.. but I could tell he was almost wishing there would be a 2nd.. I remember he even asked Dr. if it was possible there was 2 but that we couldn't see the 2nd one yet? I think for us, it's best we start with the 1, maybe next time it'll be 2 ~ if there's a 2nd time that is.. we'll see.

Hey so I know it's soon, but I swear I've felt some fluttering going on.. it's so weird, barely there but real.. most people I've talked to have said it is possible to feel stuff as early as 7wks depending on the mother and child, how amazing! Hope it's true~ I'd hate to think I'm excited over bodily functions

Have a great night all!

Ann - How's the stim going? how are you feeling? Best wishes!
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Originally Posted by OurTime View Post
So thrilled... yeah we had geared ourselves up for the possibility of twins and when Dr. confirmed single bean, I could see a bit of sadness in dh eyes, he was so happy/thrilled to see the one heartbeating.. but I could tell he was almost wishing there would be a 2nd.
I can imagine how he felt. We have our heart set on 2 but of course would be just as thrilled with one. It's more the pain and suffering issue than anything else, my DH calls it the most bang for the buck, but I know that's really not the issue.

So what sort of cool baby/parent stuff are you doing (um, and buying?) Find anything you just can't live without? Have you told everyone now? How are you feeling?

Stims are going well, just feeling a little nauseous at time, but I think it's the stupid sinus infection I've been fighting. I may be triggering on Monday!
We are headed for a night out with friends~who knew and are super supportive. Little pleasures!

Hope all is well~please keep us updated!!!
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Hello ladies.........

How's everyone doing? Any exciting news? I'm still lurking around, hope you don't mind, trying to keep tabs on all that started/joined Oct trip w/me.

Ann~ How's you cycle going? When's your ER? ET?

Cincy - How are you?

I'm going to try and join (I thought I did) a July Due Date club, but if it's ok with you, I'd like to stick around some more!? We had our 1st regular Dr. apt all ok~~ I'm now 10wks and the little belly is starting to stick out a bit more, I noticed some of my old shirts don't seem to reach as low as they used to (below the belly-pouch) enough were I don't look like I've out grown my tops I'm loving being preggie and I hope to keep having a great time with it all... Oh yeah, haven't heard the heartbeat yet, maybe next week, I have another u/s scheduled on Tuesday, we REALLY want to HEAR IT!!! I've been super busy at work and with home stuff so we really haven't had much time to go out and shop for baby furniture or gear period. I have been looking at a lot of magazines and on-line sites, so I have a pretty good idea of what we'll be getting~ just haven't pin-pointed the details, but plan to these next couple of weeks.

Hope everyone is good~~ stay warm and cozy :... Best Wishes!!
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