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Do any of your babies do this?!?

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Dd is 8 1/2 months old and will literally eat her board books! She has two teeth on the bottom that are all the way in and her eye teeth on the top that are almost all the way in (we call her vampire baby, lol). For the past couple of months, she has been using her bottom teeth to scrape off the cardboard on her baby books and eat it if we aren't fast enough to get it away before she gets that far! : I don't remember her sisters doing this but maybe I have forgotten. Anyone else's baby do this? TIA
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Oh, yes. Aaron sticks his board books in his mouth, and then tries to dissolve them with saliva, as he has no teeth yet.. Also any other paper he can get his hands on.
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Aidan does the exact same thing as Kristen's lil one since he has no teeth either. lol

He started chewing on EVERYTHING at around three months and I could have sworn he was teething but he's almost 8 months now and still no sign of teeth. Guess they just like to eat books eh?
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Katelyan - your babe must have some serious jaws! Dd does chew on her books and there are teeth marks everywhere, but she hasn't succeeded in actually getting the paper off. Now if its a newspaper or something more easily torn, watch out! My friend talks about the ultimate recycling because her babe will actually suceed in ingesting some paper, unbeknownst to her and she will discovere it, er um, later.
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Well, we can all agree that, yes, dd has a set of powerful jaws on her!

She usually scrapes off a chunk of the cardboard and then I'm frantically digging in her mouth trying to find the pieces.LOL. Sometimes I don't get it all obviously because I "discover" it later. LOL. Dd also loves to rip up magazines and will eat them if I'm not watching her like a hawk. I tend to watch her more when she's playing with the magazines though. I never thought she'd eat chunks off of her board books, yk? BTW, I don't give her newspaper to play with because of the ink that comes off of it. Dh did one time though and I asked him what was wrong with her hands, why do they look purple?!? Oh she was playing with the newspaper and it must be from that said dh. : lol.
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Ohhh yeah. DD loves to eat books, anything made of paper. I let her chew on board books, although I do try to take them away when they get pulpy:

I heard that newspapers and most magazines are printed with lead based ink, so I don't let her chew any of those. sometimes I wonder if her craziness for eating paper indicates some sort of nutritional deficiency, so I'm glad to see it's not so unusual.
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Q doesn't , but the baby I babysit does! He has a consistent MO of grabbing the board book, chewing down the spine like a cob of corn. This takes the spine clean off, and the books falls apart. He can do this in about one minute if I'm not watching!
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Okay, I spoke to fast. Dd chewed up the spine of her Mr. Brown can moo, can you?

Duly warned about the fliers and such! She never really chewed on them, she just played with the paper, but still if it gets on her hands and her hands are always in her mouth...
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oh yeah!!! OUr dd has a definate "taste for literature" as her daddy callls it. She is a major book muncher! I have to watch her as she really does love to flip through the pages but as soon as she is done flipping, she goes right to chewing! (She is 13 months old and has done this since the first board book she ever held.)
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All of our babies are sooo funny! I was cracking up reading about all your babies...especially the corncobing bookeater! Too funny!
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