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worldwide thoughts.

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it is standard practice in hospitals in australia to not circum. i thought that should be known, in fact main stream dr.'s and gov't advise against it. i think many european countries are the same. maybe this could be used in arguments with fellow americans on the issue? i heard from my dr. freind the only australians wanting to circum. are wanting for religious reasons or becasuse the father is thinking their boy should be same as him, but then dr.'s have been to specail training on this, and convince parents to not circum. and mostly the poorer, undereducated want them too. anyway, just some knowledge for you all. tara
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I think the world wide circumcision rates could very well be an eye opener for some folks.
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Taralee- would you like to sign my "guestmap"? I was hoping to get a wider global mapping, but I am very heavy on the american hits.

A light blue pin is for NO-circ
A red pin is for circumcion

Everyone is welcome to sign.

http://pub8.bravenet.com/guestmap/sh...om=0&welcome=1','bnetguestmap','toolbar=0,location=0,directories =0,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=0,wid th=720,height=470,top=110,left=110

Love Sarah
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I can't seem to figure out how to post on that map!
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Click on "post" up at the top and then the cursor will become a flag that you can use to click on your state or province. When you click on the location, a window will pop up to use to insert your name and comment.

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There are too many people put their flags where I am so when I click it the box shows up to type in but then someone else's info opens, cancelling the box to type in.
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I did it!
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Hi, Jennie. Try zooming in, then placing your pin.
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Tried zooming in. Didn't help. I give up. Too many people in my area I guess.
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Can you place your pin slightly outside your area and explain in your comment?
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You mean like in Indiana or Pennsylvania rather than Michigan? ROFL
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If you zoom in a couple of times, it make sit so big you can fit it anywhere!
(ANd I realized I put mine in the wrong area of my state!)
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Hey- I wanted to thank so many people for taking the time to sign the guestmap. It is really nice to see some new international flags added to the guestlist.

Jennie- I wouldn't worry too much about not being able to pin your hometown- if you can even hit the midwest- and then say your state in the sig part- at this point the easiest viewing of the list, after the "over-all impression of the map, is to go to the "View list" option and you will see the signers more like an ordinary guestbook...

also- be sure to use the option to sign with your nattional flag I think it really livens up the whole list to be reminded of the other nations.

Thanks again- there might be a lot more people reading this board than I realised- it was such a nice response from Mothering members.

Love Sarah
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I put my pin in, but while I was there, alot of the pins changed... When I first went to the site, there were 2 red pins in Minnesota. I read them. There were also several dark blue pins and a couple of scattered red ones. Then the red pins in MN disapeared and so did alot of the dark blue ones and then there were a lot more red pins..
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