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Embarrassing is:

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needing to send out an email to a friend you saw a few weeks ago to alert them that your kid may have given their kid head lice.

REALLY embarrassing is accidentally sending it to someone else in your address list.
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Oh Crap! Any solace in the fact the some kid gave it to your kid first?
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At least it isn't pubic lice! :
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oh man norajane
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Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post

oh man norajane
I was worried that might have been too much.
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We get lice once a year- sometimes a little less. I've become a pro at getting rid of it.
I was buying the over the counter treatments and the prescirbed ones and it wasn't killing them and they are toxic.
I was also having to sit down with each child and nit comb their hair and wash all the bedding. You know the routine I'm sure lol.
And then two wks later we'd have another outbreak when the eggs hatched. It only takes missing ONE tiny egg.
So my solution.
I add tea tree oil to our regular shampoo and let it sit on the kids heads for five min. The first day I do this treatment twice.
Then I have them do it for three consecutive days.
It kills the lice and the eggs and keeps them from coming back because you smell like a pesticide.
Add a few drops to your laundry and put some in a spray bottle with water and spritz mattresses etc.
And there's no need to even use the comb. It dissolves their eggs.
It's a miracle.
Now when the kids bring home that outbreak notice from school I don't even bat an eye.
Our neighbors got lice so badly that they had to shave their dd's hair off. They battled it for like three months before they did this.
We got it from them, and after going around and around with the treatments too, this was my desperate attmempt to avoid cutting everyone's hair.
I read online afterwards that they are trying to get school nurses to tell people about tea tree oil since it is so effective.
Also we've had lice since that eposide, twice in fact, and we didn't ever have to do anything but this.
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Looks like you sent this to the wrong person. (I hope)

Jill.. Yikes!

One of my housemates works for LiceEnders and has been really helpful. I think I have some teatree shampoo and I can easily get oil... thanks for the tip!
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I just mentally noted that TTO solution. My kid just started school
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We had a scare with lice once. Some friends had it in their family, and my kids had been over there playing shortly before they found out. I kept a close watch on my kids, checked their heads, etc. but they never showed any sign of having them.

It was one time I was actually glad I don't bathe my kids and shampoo them every day. Apparently when the natural oils are built up on the hair, it makes it hard for the lice to get a grip, lay eggs, etc.:

I'll have to keep the TTO trick in mind!
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Oh no! That is embarrassing.
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