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When did you get your first postpartum period? - Page 2

Poll Results: When did you have your first postpartum period IF you exclusively breastfeed?

  • 4% (7)
    1 mo
  • 7% (12)
    2 mos
  • 4% (7)
    3 mos
  • 5% (8)
    4 mos
  • 3% (6)
    5 mos
  • 2% (4)
    6 mos
  • 1% (3)
    7 mos
  • 2% (4)
    8 mos
  • 4% (7)
    9 mos
  • 5% (8)
    10 mos
  • 5% (8)
    11 mos
  • 52% (81)
    12 + mos
155 Total Votes  
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17 months.
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1 - i don't know for sure, but #2 was conceived when #1 was 3mo old
2 - about 18 months; i was tandem nursing
3 - 6 weeks
4 - looks like it'll be 7 weeks
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Just got mine back 23 months pp. Ds is still nursing every 2-3 hours during the day and LOTS at night.
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Dd BF exclusively for 11mo and then on demand. She´s 2.5 and still nursing several times per day.
Last month, at 29months PP, I got my first AF!
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well, i guess my other 2 weren't exclusively bf b/c they both used pacifiers.
with the first, my fertility did not return until he had completely weaned at 22 months.
with my second, i got my first ppaf at 3 mos pp and ovulated reguarly after that but had very short lp's. i did get pregnant twice- once when my nursling was about a year old and once when she was about 18 months old, but was only able to sustain a pregnancy after she weaned completely (again at about 22 mos).

this time my babe IS exclusively bf, though he does suck his thumb. he is 4 months old and i have not had a period yet. i do feel my hormones going wacky and i think my body is trying to have a cycle, but we shall see when it happens.
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Can I just say how absolutely jealous I am of all the mamas who voted 12+ months?!!

I voted 1 month :

My pp af came closer to one month than to two, as it came at 5.5 weeks pp.

I think maybe genetics have to do with my case?? My mom, for all five kids, got hers around 6 weeks each time, although she didn't ebf for all of us, nor co-sleep. I am, so I thought I had a shot. Hopefully next babe.

But it does really depress me to have it so soon.
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baby #1-3 months, but I had gone on the pill (wish I hadn't!)
baby #2-14 months
baby #3-18 months (AF came 1 month after baby #2 weaned, #3 was still nursing)
baby #4-no sign yet, she's 7.5 months
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Average is 14 months, many go to 2 years or so. This poll needs redoing with different options.
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Originally Posted by JamieCatheryn View Post
Average is 14 months, many go to 2 years or so. This poll needs redoing with different options.
In her OP, I think she was specifically looking for the "early month" answers.
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I went way past 12 months but I was supplementing a bit so not votable (though I was producing way more than enough milk around the clock for one baby...just a bit less than I needed for two)

But I wanted to say that I've got a friend and sister both who started within the first 4 months with their first child even though they were exclusively breastfeeding, night nursing, etc. I think the way our bodies handle hormones and breastfeeding is just different. So I'd be looking at protection of some sort if I didn't want to get pregnant again. I wouldn't personally rely on fertile signs either as things can be screwy and unpredictable for a while when your body is gearing back up..at least in my experience. I guess temping would likely do it but I don't know how you'd do that with a 3 month old.
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Originally Posted by prettymom View Post
My postpartum bleeding stopped about three weeks after DD was born, a few days later I started bleeding again. I thought it was just from the birth, but then, 28 days later it happened again... and then 28 days later again...

My guess on why... I am just super fertile. DD sucked on nothing but my nipples and suck she did. She doubled her birth weight in just over two months. I am also a mom with a massive milk supply.
same here. it's unfair I say...
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mine returned at 6 months. i've always had very heavy, close-together periods, but still seems early for an exclusively breastfed co-sleeping baby
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Originally Posted by 1babysmom View Post
In her OP, I think she was specifically looking for the "early month" answers.
Yeah, I that's what I want to know about. I know the ave is 14 mos but wanted to know how many people get it back before 1 year.
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I've been holding off on answering this poll, but got AF today. Almost 11 months to the day. He has just recently started sleeping 8 hours at night.
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Well, I had a surprise pregnancy when DS was 6 months old, but when we went in for the u/s there was no heartbeat.

AF returned around 9 months PP, which is also around the time DS night-weaned. AF's a b*tch, but so is getting up several times a night, so I can't complain!
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3 months even though l had oversupply of milk and bf exclusively for 13 months and DS weaned at 17 months. I must add DS was a very strong little sucker. As a newborn people would love to sit down and listen to him feed cos he was so noisy, grunting and gulping. :
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Originally Posted by Red Sonja View Post
I got it at 7 months after DS and 5 months after DD. Both times they were exclusively breastfeeding and were nursing several times a night, with DD I was tandem nursing and pumping for someone else.

Yeah! What's with that? Mine came back 5mos PP with DS and 6 mos after DD. I was tandem nursing a 2year-old & 6th month old for goodness sake. BOTH still at night as well!!!! No solids either (well, some for the 2yo!)

I have no idea
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dd1 - 14 months
dd2 - nearly 16 months and still no PPAF
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We are totally ApP and at 16 months still no period. I think I ovulated 7 months ago but have not again. Ds had to sick periods were I was EBF again and went up a whole cup size and lost five pounds. I am glad we were not planning on TTc right away because I would not be happening any time soon.
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I answered 7 months because that's what it was with DC1.

DC1 - 7 months (got pg when she was 10 months)
DC2 - 9 months (got pg when he was around 15 months)
DC3 - 11 months (not pg yet!)
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