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mucus and blood in poo diapers

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So, ds has had very lots of mucus-poo diapers in the last few weeks, but the ped dismissed it as transitional bm's. Today I noticed very small streaks of blood. What on earth does this mean? I am breastfeeding...do I need to call a doctor? Also, his bm's have not decreased in frequency as would be expected with an EBF baby, he still has a poo at least a few times a day. Help
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dd had that, especially in her 2nd or 3rd month (can't remember exactly)

everyone on here that had imput into my discussion said it was probably from me eating too much dairy. i didn't eat any hardly at first and as I started eating it more, that is when she had the mucousy, bloody poops.

her # of bowels movements just started decreasing in month 5-she is also exclusively BF. she will be six months old this week.
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this is just my experience, but my DS is 9.5 months old and he still poos usually at least 3x a day, and sometimes more. The only time his frequency goes down is when he eats solids, which is next to never.
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I would think it's way past the time for transitional poos. Transitioning to what at this point?

My best guess also is dairy. Or some allergen. How about citrus, do you eat a lot of citrus or tomatoes?
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Also, little streaks of blood can be caused by anal fissures from explosive diarrhea.

Try block feeding - it could be a hindmilk imbalance. I started block feeding about 2 weeks ago and my baby's poops got much better almost immediately. This is where you feed on only one side for 2-3 hour blocks.

http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fa...own.html#links has a lot of info and articles about this problem.
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I also had this problem (plus very dark green poop) and it was related to dairy. So was the really bad diaper rash that DS had for the first couple months of his life.

Keep in mind that if you cut dairy out, you need to really watch ingredients as there is dairy in most processed foods.

Also, you may need to cut it out for as long as 3 weeks before you notice the change. It is a protein in the dairy that they are sensitive to - not lactose, as many people assume. That protein can persist in your body (thus in your milk) for over a week, then in their body for over a week. It took almost the full 3 weeks until I noticed a difference. No more diaper rash, etc. Now I sneak a bit of dairy in now and then to see what's happening, and it almost always results in green poop and a minor diaper rash...

There are a number of other foods that can create similar problems - soy, wheat, corn, nuts... I think there are 8 food groupings of likely candidates. It's on here somewhere - I've seen other people post the list previously.
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