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tummy after twins

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mine are a week old today. they were 8 lbs 4 oz and 8 lbs 5 oz...i think i measured 54 cm at last measure and i have this tummy pooch leftover that is bigger than some singleton pregnancies i've seen...i didn't have this with singleton #1 and know it takes time to heal and shrink the uterus. i'm fine with that but does the pooch go away eventually?
are there specific things i should do as i convalesce or after to get rid of it?
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I don't know, my tummy is still a mess 2 months PP. I have a nasty case of twins skin too... no big stretchmarks just these little tiny ones all horizontal on my upper belly. They weren't kidding when they said i'd better like seersucker : . I could honestly care less about my tummy, but it still is sore from the diastisis.
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5 years later, and still have it... although maybe my pregnancy has something to do with it...
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I gave birth at 32 weeks with my twins, but was measuring 38 at the time. At that point I had only gained 25# same as with my near full term older DS.

I was back down to my pre preg weight within 2 weeks, but my babies were also small....3lbs14oz, and 4lbs6oz, so between them and the amniotic and placenta weights..I didnt have much to lose. I had a little extra pooch, and it took about 6 months to get it to go down, but it was no big deal, I was a little chunky to begin with.
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Hang in there. All my photos from the first couple of months show me holding one or two babies and looking like there's AT LEAST one more still in there. :

It will simmer down a bit as time goes on, probably pretty gradually. What you can do at this point probably depends on a lot of factors including how you delivered, whether you have a diastisis recti, whether you are nursing/dealing with nursing issues, etc.

Frankly, at this point if you are sleeping more than three hours in any 24 hour period you're doin' great mama! You won't look hugely pregnant forever. Even though it feels like it right now. Hugs. (It's OK, I can do it I have long arms. )
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Sigh. 8wk post partum here. I was pouting in the mirror yesterday looking at that tummy. So much for ever wearing a two-piece again.
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I remember being at the two month mark and thinking that it had stopped getting any better, but now at three and a half I notice a bi difference... still a long way to go though.
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visit www.theshapeofamother.com there are pics of women who are coming to terms with their motherly figures. makes you feel better to see others.

i am back down to my pre-preg weight but my stomach literally looks like the skin of a wrinkly 80 yr old. very embarrassing but i have to accept it. it has gotten seriously better since the birth but the skin has lost a lot of elasticity.

just know that you are not alone and it does improve. and it is all worth it.
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My twins were term but 6 lb. 9 oz. and 5 lb. 5 oz. My stomach is probably the same size as when I got pregnant (but significantly less toned) but the skin never went back to normal for me. I have twin skin--especially in the belly button area. Crappy cause I used to really like my tummy. No more bikinis for me but in clothes I really do look ok.

I don't know when the stomach went to normal size. I think it was relatively quick but honestly I was a walking zombie for about 4 months and I remember nothing of it. Size of tummy wasn't on my mind then to be truthful. Maybe you are managing better than we were!
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ANother twin skin tummy here. My tummy also went back down to almost pre-preg, but then I got preggo again and 3 mo later I still look about 4 mo pregnant : I am trying to be very positive about my body, though, because with two year old twin girls, I don't want to be grumbling about my body. I want them to have a good role model for accepting your body. Granted I'm trying to get rid of the belly, but having a baby (or two!) is an enormous blessing, so I'll just hang in there!
P.S. I'm writing this to convice myslef too
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My pooch was gone by 3 months, but the extra inches of stretched out twin skin will be with me for life (or until I win the lottery and go for all out plastic surgery).
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Originally Posted by geishagirrrl View Post
visit www.theshapeofamother.com there are pics of women who are coming to terms with their motherly figures. makes you feel better to see others.
Yep, my triplet tummy is on there, you can see my wrinkles and stretch marks in all their glory. My belly has gotten smaller since the picture, but the wrinkles and stretch marks are there to stay.
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A year and a half later and I don't have the six pack I used to. There is still a little pooch, but it is mainly just loose skin close to wear my incision is. However, I can still wear a bikini, not the little ones I used to but still cute ones, as long as the bottoms are a little bigger I can cover the loose skin....but I'm trying to work as like I used to but then sometimes I think, do I want to work this hard to fix my stomach when I'll probably be trying to get pregnant again in another year, should I just wait til I'm done having kids?
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Cograts on the babies! I've been wondering about you since you disappeared for a bit. Anyway, I dropped the weight I had gained really fast (gone by 9 days pp) but my belly is still very not-attractive - there's the skin that hangs down, the huge diastasis (four fingerwidth) and my organs pop out of that causing me to have a very ugly outtie (not that they're ugly by nature but mine is just plain deformed) belly button. I have that Mummy Tummy book but haven't really applied it yet so I don't know how much hope for recovery there is aside from surgery which I'm not too anxious about. Anyway, nursing is the thing that has made me lose the weight (b/c I'm now down another 20ish pounds from where I started).
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Wow, that website is amazing! I think I will post my pictures when I get a chance.
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I guess my reply is a combination of in-part comiserating, and in-part looking so good that others would surely be throwing me dagger-eyes! :

For background, here's a synopsis of my adult weight/shape (I am 5;10', BTW):
  • Married at 19. Weighed 130-135lb. Around a size 6/8.
  • Weighed almost 150lb by the time I got pregnant with DD#1. Lost weight after the pregnancy, but only to around 157 before pregnant again.
  • After #2, did a lot of countryside bicycling overseas and weight melted off easily right back to 130lb (I was as surprised as anyone as I wasn't trying to lose weight and I detest exercise).
  • Immediately once pregnant with #3, body said "too small" and I gained 13lb the first trimester. Post pregnancy #3, I lost weight, but only down to 153.
So I started my twin pregnancy at 153lb and gained 40lb (tried hard to gain more!) By one week post-partum, I was back to 153lb. I had horrible loose skin on my belly. My belly button was so messed up I could almost cry just to look at it. It was just hanging there with this little pouch of loose skin right around it and it didn't go "in" anymore. I've also been decorated with many stretch marks. The dozens and dozens of small stretch marks that circled my abdomen are OK with me. But I have 3 enormous, wide, "sun-ray" ones heading out at 10 o'clock, 12 o'clock and 2 o'clock from my belly button. It's hard to be "cool" about these ones - even now that they have started to fade.

Having returned to pp weight within a week, I didn't stay there. Contrary to popular wisdom, my body always seems to "bulk up" for nursing and I gained my regular 7-8lbs. So: hovering at 158-161lb for all these post-partum months so far. Most of the clothes I'm wearing are size 12.

I have zero tone in my abdomen, but I think that's more to do with detesting exercise than having been pregnant with twins. I have a big, flabby roll between my hips and natural waist. I don't doubt that I could eliminate this within 6 months once my boys are weaned, if I exercised some and stopped indulging in unhealthy snacks and chocolate! While this flabbiness spills out over my belt and looks gross in some clingy clothing, I'm actually very flat across the front if you catch my profile.

The skin has shrunk back and improved a lot in these post-partum months. (My twins are now 9.5-months-old). I know that will continue when I lose weight, just never back to "19 and childless". Even with my "sun ray" stretch marks, I absolutely WILL wear a two-piece bathing suit again. . . just probably not for another 12-18 months. I see no need to look perfect to expose my midriff at the beach.

I don't know what to think about that Shape of a Mother website. Part of me thought "yay" b/c I see the impossible standards of beauty magazines that so many women and girls don't seem to realize are fiction. But part of me thought it was just a cozy way to indulge in laziness and completely avoid any attempts to return our bodies to a healthier (and sure, more attractive) state. I saw all the zinger comments that were sent the way of the "aerobics-butt" exercise-maniac mom. I can see why the tone of her post would elicite those types of responses. And I recognize that genetics is the single biggest factor in one's shape. But I'm also not wandering around pretending that my flabby roll is the result of genetics and not the 4 Mars bars I ate in the past 3 days! (I know, it's been a bad week. . . Or is that a good week?! It depends how you are looking at it!)
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I had my twins at 30 weeks, and it took a few months for the extreme jelly belly to go away. I then had my third child, who is 16 mos younger than his sisters and then a year and a half later my fourth. There wasn't much hope at that point lol.

Breastfeeding helps to contract your uterus, but I am not sure how much that helps with the extra skin.
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My tummy is, after over a year, not bad. I mean, I won't be wearing a bikini anytime soon. As in never again but, honestly, I wasn't wearing a bikini much pre-pregnancy thanks to thigh cellulite. I am pouchy and kind of sproingy around the abdomen, but it really does get better in time.

I think genetic luck plays some role in how your skin bounces back, or doesn't, but breastfeeding does wonders for uterine contraction.
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I am slowly but surely coming to grips with the fact that my tummy will never be "bikini-ready" again...not that I wore them much, but just to KNOW I could would be nice, lol. I just try to keep things in perspective and remember that if I didn't have these stretch marks, I wouldn't have the babies who grew inside me to CAUSE those stretch marks. I have 5 children, the last of which are my twins (18 months) and I am so happy to have each one of them, that I can look at that in relation to my tummy and be happy. I will mention that it has taken me a while to get to this place! I used to "hear" people say the same thing and I would think, "yeah, but I know some people who have kids AND a pretty tummy!" Oh, well...I'm not one of em...we all have our gifts and blessings...and good skin is not one of mine...but I have five that nobody else has...
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I used to "hear" people say the same thing and I would think, "yeah, but I know some people who have kids AND a pretty tummy!" Oh, well...I'm not one of em...we all have our gifts and blessings...and good skin is not one of mine...
: I would rather have my healthy twins over a pretty tummy anyday! Lots of people have pretty tummies after having babies, but how many people carry twins to 40 weeks? That is how I make myself feel better.
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