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I carried my twins over 40 weeks, and they weighed quite a bit, too (9 lbs 1 oz and 7 lbs 14 oz) -- about 17 lbs of baby total between the 2. As you can imagine, my stomach will never be the same again.

I have the twin-skin problem big time. My twins are now 4 yrs old and I've had another baby since then who's now 5 months old, so my tummy is looking pooched out again (not to complain, as I am proud of my body and how I've birthed my babies, just that my tummy skin really is wrinkley and weird looking).

All of my children have been born full-term and beautifully healthy, so I can't complain there. I just had no idea what kind of toll having children would have on my body post-partum.

Pre-twins I weighed about 130 lbs. After the twins, I was around 145 for a long time, maybe close to a year, then got back down to 130 lbs. But my stomach has lots of folds, and my belly button is really messed up.

After the twins (and now after our baby #4), I wear girdles sometimes to hold my tummy in. I also work a lot at sucking in my tummy and breathing over that "held in" feeling. That helps a lot the first few months especially. Then, several months post-partum after the twins, my tummy went flat again, just with extra folded skin that wasn't going away, but hid well under shirts & one-piece bathing suits.

Dealing with the transformation of my pre-baby tummy to my post-twin tummy was very difficult. It still is. I mourn the loss of my pre-baby flat, picture perfect tummy. Sounds vain but it's true.

Some friends and family suggest to get a tummy tuck. But I'm conflicted, as I feel my body has worked hard to carry and birth my kids (4 in all so far) and I'm not one wanting to jump into surgery.

I think there should be a 12-step program for women dealing with their transformed bodies after having babies. Our society and culture offer us nothing -- we just try to hide it or deal with it the best we can (or stay up late at night and post to groups like these). --sigh-- I'm glad that web site is out there (the shape of a mother) -- now, if we can just help get a glossy coffee table book full of pictures like that published!
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lvflowerpot... wow, that's amazing! Did you gain much weight during pregnancy? I wonder if that contributed to my "twin skin" issue, you know?
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