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mamasoleil, hang in there honey

sharon, so glad kitty came home

cm, you are so pretty

horrible fight with dh tonite
bums me out
i am crying now but i know i can be bossy and abrupt
but it sucks when i ask for his help and he
is so reluctant
and stuff
so we had a blow out in front of charlie
i am bummed
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HI mamas! I haven't been to this thread in quite a long time, probably months. But I need desparately to connect with other August mamas!

I'm planning a home birth - first baby...and I'm excited but also still have those feelings of "what if..." All is going well but I still have those doubts. Midwives came and checked out my home to see that I got all the supplies needed (really looking forward to the comfrey/witch hazel/a few other herbs whose names I forgot frozen pad for after the birth).

Anyone else need to purchase their own supplies for home birth? If so, did your midwife ask you to get "Hospital style" pads? I can't find the "Stretch panties" that they asked for. Any tips?

Now I just need to organize this house I recently moved into!
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Colorful Mama (Barb) had her baby!

Posted by USAmma It's 2:30 AM and I'm at Barb's house (Colorful Mama) right now going to crash here til morning. Barb called me at 8:30 PM because her water broke. As soon as I arrived an hour later she was saying she couldn't do it, etc. Pretty much instant transition. Dialted from 5 to 9 in like 20 minutes. She had her baby boy with one good push at around 1 AM!! Did awesome, it was a 4.5 hour whirlwind labor and no drugs. I'll let her tell the rest later when she's home.
I hope it is ok to move this into our August thread! So exciting! Such an inspiration!

I slept through the night! I did wake up at 3am but I refused to get out of bed and willed myself back to sleep.

Sound like you are in for a super fun weekend! Soleil, too! Keep us posted on your ob appt today.

Rachel Mama,
Here is a link about hb supplies. http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...threadid=75117
You can find the disposable stretch undies at inhishands.com
OR you can just buy one or two size larger cheapo cotton undies that you can plan to throw away. Good luck and don't worry! I am sure you will birth beautifully!

Hang in there! Dh and I seem to have our worst disagreements during third tri? Don't know why so let's blame hormones!?: I hope today is better for you.

How is everyone feeling?
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OMGoddess!!!! I can't believe CM had her baby!!! Craziness!!! Two wks early, good for her, sounds like a really quick labour too!!! LEts hope the same will go for everyone! So I go see the OB in 4 hrs...should be fine. The midwife wrote him a 15 page letter with my history and her diagnosis and yadda yadda!!!
Wooby, glad you had a full night sleep!!!
Kaje, I also argued with dh last night, over the phone. Sucked big time. to you!!!!
I'm feeling really tired these days. I brought Soleil to gymnastics today again, because I wasn't sure when I was going to the OB. I think I'll go have a nap..I feel so guilty, but I know she's having fun while I'm being lazy!!!
Anyone else really tired? Three wks left for me till EDD!!!

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Oh mamasoleil, I am tired all the time! But as soon as I lie down -it's gone, I will not sleep. My hips really hurt at night. I had a great morning though today. My DH had to go to work at 11 and we went for great breakfast and took doggie for long walk...I needed it so bad!
So August mama's started to have their babies.....it's coming!! It's great. I wonder when it's gonna happen to me. Do your babies keep you up all night too? My Sebastian sometimes kicks me so hard it wakes me up and I actually moan sometimes! My tommy is so sore from him moving around. I have a feeling he is going to be a fireball!! He is very strong and big! Which is great of course.
Well, I wish you the best of luck today when you go to see your OB! Let us know how it went........
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I can't believe that Colorful Mama had her baby! She's only due a week ahead of me...wow! That makes it all seem so much more real. We're all going to have babies soon!

Sorry to hear about the dh fights. No fun. Hugs to you all. We had our birth class last night (Birthing From Within - love it!) and she said next week we're talking about the impact of a new baby on the marriage. We all groaned and admitted it's probably a good thing to discuss...

I'm pretty sure I had some contractions last night that were somewhere between B-H and real labor contractions. Don't know for sure, but my whole uterus tightened up (like my normal B-H) and then there was new and different tightening/cramping down low. Happened about 5-6 times in a row over about an hour and then I fell asleep. I definitely think my body is getting ready. I'm hoping for 2 weeks from now!

MAmasoleil, I can't believe your midwife wrote 15 pages for you! I hope the appointment went well!

I too think it's pretty funny how fast this thread is growing! Are we some eager mommies or what?!
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OMG, Colorful Mama!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! yEAH, YOU DID IT!!! tHIS IS just awesome.... it's making my hair stand up!!

Kaje & Mamasoleil, sorry to hear abt the fights, I guess we cld all be feeling a bit frayed in this heat, hope you all feel better soon!!

Take care everyone!!
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Hey all....

Had another Dr appointment today. The Dr is not very happy again with:

my blood pressure, my headache, the 7 pounds (of water weight) I gained this week, my swelling in feet and legs, cord placement and lessing of fluid around the baby. He is worried about pre-eclampsia.


We are headed to the hospital to do testing to determine how to
proceed. The Dr said that I would be staying at the hospital until Sam is here -- we are looking at probably being induced, hoping to avoid a C-section. The Dr said that this may be a 2-3 day process before baby is here... so now we wait....

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers

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(((Kathy))) will be thinking of you!!! I don't think you need a c-section, they'll probably induce you and you'll labour and have Sam!!! Good luck, at least you are considered full term, and Sam should be just fine!!!!

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oh Kathy, best of luck to you. Wow. I am also probably having a Sam, and he is due on the 15th, so I always notice your posts I hope evrything goes well.
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oh, and Colorful mama, I just saw you already HAD your baby! WOW!! Congrats. Keep this up and we'll have more births than the July board
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Hope your appt. went well. Sounds as if you have a super supportive midwife. Are you seeing her backup md or your regular ob?

Sounds like your body is gearing up! So exciting!

Hang in there! Best wishes for a natural healthy birth! So wonderful that you will likely be holding your baby in the next few days! Hope you are feeling ok...

I feel good today though I have a new craving: tamales! We are in the Southwest and have the best tamales! Good thing they are chock full of protein as I ate 3 at 9:30 am!:
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from cha's music teacher

Hi Kathy Jo,
I was doing some reading on some singing stuff and came across this
and thought it might be of interest to you. I've heard that people
have used this technique during birth and perhaps your doula has
mentioned it already. Anyway, here it is...

A Toning Experience

What is toning? Toning is producing an elongated vowel
sound, and it is the only way in which you can
internally massage yourself. You can't reach in and
massage your solar plexus, or your heart or your gall
bladder, but you can produce vibrational massage to
each of those areas through toning.

Toning synchronizes and balances your brainwaves
within a few minutes, reduces stress and releases
negative emotions, improves health, empowers the
speaking voice, improves listening abilities and
releases tension instantly.

The following is a simple, five-day exercise that will
get you "into your voice." This is all about using
your natural voice to contribute to your own personal
well-being--there are no rights or wrongs, just what
works for you. You may want to record your
observations in a journal and compare your experiences
at the end of the week.

First, warm up your voice and get used to hearing
yourself make a sound. Always take a deep breath at
the beginning. Start at the top of your range and
allow your voice to slowly slide down to the bottom of
your range. On the next breath, start at the bottom of
your range and slowly slide to the top. How did that
feel? What did you notice?

Day 1--Hum with closed lips and a relaxed jaw while
walking around for 10 minutes.
Day 2--Make an AH sound, as in 'aha', sitting down,
eyes closed for 10 minutes.
Day 3--Make an OH sound, as in "hold", standing up for
10 minutes.
Day 4--Make an EE sound, as in 'bee', sitting down,
eyes fixed gaze for 10 minutes.
Day 5--Make an OU sound, as in 'ooo',lying down eyes
closed for 10 minutes.

Hope you're feeling ok!
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Kathy and Mamaso, thinking of you

CM I am freaked out. We were both due 8/8 with VBAC's. This is too real. Can I say, I want more time to be with Charlie and get ready etc.....
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I'm in Canada, and in our province, you have the choice of a midwife, or an OB, you cannot have both. So, this is a consultation, and I *might* be transferred to his care, but I don't think so. My m/w said there was a *slight* possibility that he may suggest inducing me, and having this baby, to feed him from the outside. I hope not, the longer he's in my belly, the better, I think. So, I'm going in 20 mins, he was called out to a delivery, so my app't was postponed, but they just called me and asked if I could be there for 430, it's 410...so I guess I should get dressed and get going!!! :LOL
Kaje, it is seeming so much more real, isn't it????
JuicyLuicy, I'm also due on the 15th, and may also be having a Sam..we are thinking of Samson...but we keep changing our minds!!!: Basically, we are going to wait until we see him, then name him!

Kathy, hope all is well with you!!!!

Mamasoleil...I will post as soon as I get back from my app't!!!
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hey guys

yep, had a baby last night! lol

heres the birth story and pics!

a successful vbac after 2 c's!

It was so the fastest labor! i was 37wks 6days and had been having what I thought were just more sporadic braxton hicks the last few days. not increasing in frequency, not increasing in intensity.
I took Zoey and Ashley to playgroup and ate cupcakes that my friend made for my bday (its this sunday). Then home for the afternoon - nothing too exciting. We ate a nice dinner and went for a swim and around 8:15 I laid down in bed to do a hypnobirthing relaxation tape. Suddenly i felt this popping feeling and rolled out of the bed just as i started to gush. 8:40pm - my water broke.

I figured we had plenty of time since my water broke but no real contractions so we puttered around for a bit packign the bag, getting stuff into coolers etc. i jumped on line to let folks know what was happening and to email Darshani who was going to be our labor support person. Everyone pretty much agreed it was early on - i should take a shower, listen to more hypnobirthing, try to rest.

Well, i tried, but my body had other ideas. I started contracting harder and faster. I called Darshani at 10 and since I coudln't talk thru contractions and they were coming 4-5 minutes apart she decided she was on the way. by the time she arrived at 11pm the shower didn't work,the hypnobirthing tapes had been tossed and i was being extremely vocal about the intensity of contrax and how much they SUCKED. After i had 3 contrax 2-3 minutes apart lasting 55-60seconds and me telling her "i think i might get an epidural after all." we all decided it was time to go to the hospital.

Drove down with feirce contractions - scared the bejeebers out of Zoey a few times. Of course the exit ramp to the hospital was blocked off for construction - lol - kinda freaked tom out but luckily the next exit was open so we got there by 11:20. The nurse checked me and i was dialated to 4 - 5 if she stretched me. I almost died - I told them "hell with it, they're too close together. too strong and i'm ONLY AT 4-5??? . get me an epidural".

About 15-20 minutes went by - contrax so hard and fast i couldn't
walk , squat , move - i just was hanging onto the bed rail for dear life and breathign heeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeee hooooooooooooooo and low moans. i did cuss a few times too telling them it had to stop. i prolly screamed a few times too. my support team was amazing tho. (darshani says i didn't scream. lol. i do'nt believe her. i think i remember screaming once or twice)

Finally the anesthesiologist showed up but it was too late, and i was telling them i needed to push. I was shaking and i remember Darshani telling me i was in transition - he was almost here. The nurse checked me and i was at 8-9 with a bit of a "lip". She told me she was going to push the lip aside and have me do a push. I pushed thru the lip to 10 and moved him down (she said afterwards) 2" or so and she said 'ok stop... i feel his noggin. we need to get the midwife " I looked up at Tom and told him 'go get Chelsey. now'. He looked at me like i was nuts and i reminded
him "i promised her she'd not miss it. please go". he got her into the room while my folks stayed with Zoey.

They were telling me to breathe down or pant and wait cuz midwife wasn't in the door and needed gloves, but i told them "theres no stopping him!!" Told the midwife 'he's coming on the next push". Darshani says it was only one big push, but i think it was really 3 pushes and he was out.
First push his head was halfway out, second push his head was all the way out and third push he was all the way out. He was born at 12:54pm - 4 1/2 hours after labor started.

The midwife put him on my chest and they wiped him down. After the cord stopped pulsing, big sister Chelsey cut it - a big moment for her. He honestly looked like a truck hit him. lol He was purple as hell and his eyes swollen and bugged out and bloodshot.
But still so cute. lol. His apgars were 8 and 9 even with the trauma of such a quick birth. He nursed immediately and got pink right away. They totally respected all our wishes. No hep b, no bath, no taking him to the nursery... they left us alone. it was wonderful.

After everyone held him and we took a zillion pics i sent everyone home and he and I cuddled, nursed and slept for a few hours. i have to say that after cesarean births the recovery was CAKE. i'm walking, eating, talking playing - the uterine contrax/cramps are sometimes pretty heavy, but i can cope. lol.

i'm home 12 hours later (just had to wait for the ped) and am having some lunch while he rests. Chelsey is still calling everyone and tom ran out for motrin. lol

its all good. I had a really wonderful vbac experience. Only thing that could've been better was if it had been just a little slower. lol.

So.... the details....

his name is Roman Thomas Silvestro. We're calling him Romy
and he weighed in at 7lbs 2.2oz and was 19 1/2" long

baby Roman coming home

Dad holding son for the first time

big sister cuts the cord

two big sisters !

nursing Roman

thanks for letting me share!!!
oh, he's nursing like a champ. am going to lay down with him a bit and rest. will check back on soon but good luck to all of you!!!!
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I am bawling. oh my god i want to kiss you on the lips. feel it
will you pm me your phone number if i promise not to call till saturday. i need to hear your voice of encouragement for my VBAC!
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I love your story Colorful Mama!!! (Colorful baby too! ) I can't believe the August births are starting! It's just way too exciting!

I had a midwife appointment today and told them about all the braxton hicks I've been having and then described the lower cramping/poking feeling I felt last night for about 5 contractions. I asked if she would do an internal exam just out of curiosity. I'm 1cm dialated, cervix is starting to tilt forward (or whatever direction it is supposed to be for birth), my cervix is really smooshy and soft and I'm starting to efface. SOOOO....things are getting ready. I know it doesn't mean much in terms of when labor will start, but it's SO exciting to know that my body is getting ready. Oh and the baby's head is partially dropped. I'm crossing my fingers for any time between now and 2-3 weeks. I think that would be perfect. (As if I really have much say in the matter!!! : )

Kathy, I'll keep you in my thoughts! Be strong! I've really admired how you have dealt with everything so far! You can do it!

kaje, in my yoga class and birth class we've done some work with humming/chanting and it felt a little strange to begin with, but I've grown to REALLY love it. It feels good on the inside, completely relaxes me, and makes me feel connected to everyone else in the room. It's really easy to get lost in the harmonic tones that get created.

Gosh, we don't have a boy name picked yet, but if I deliver on the 15th, I think I'll have to go with Sam!
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How absolutely amazing!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!!What a quick quick labour!!!! He's beautiful, and I just LOVE his colorful outfit...my babe has a very similar one!!!

So, I went to see the OB, and basically, he is not overly concerned, my amniotic fluid is great, and that is something they look at. He wants me to do two NST/wk, and repeat ultrasound on Wednesday. He suggests I forget the whole homebirth thing..which kind of made me sad. He then checked my belly, and he was surprised at how big the baby felt to him (the protein overload is working ), and he also advised me that the baby is fully engaged, quite low...I said, I know, I can barely walk! So, he said, well, you will probably go anytime.
So, I called my midwife, and first off, she said, no OB in this town would EVER suggest a homebirth. She said, I told you what my bounderies are, I want to wait until the next ultrasound for the sizing of the baby, and if he's over 5 lbs, then we can birth at home. Until then, IF I go into labour, we've agreed that I will labour at home for as long as possible, she will check me, and when I'm at 7 cms, then we will go to the hospital ( I only live 5 mins away).
So, I'm happy with that. So is dh. So, the end may be near, or not. My midwife said that I could be walking like a duck for at least 3 more wks...Either way, I get to hold the baby sooner, or the longer in gestation, the better!!!!

Hope everyone else is doing well!

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Colorful Mama
Your baby and your birth story are beautiful! :bf CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


Sound like good news overall. That is great that he is fully engaged!!!! Sounds like you already knew that!! I am sure your mw is right, no ob would recommend a homebirth. Don't take it personally! It sounds as if you and baby boy are in super shape for a homebirth, if you can just wait a bit longer. If you do go into labor sooner than later, I am sure you will have a fine hospital birth! Just look at cm's story! So beautiful. Either way, all will be well!
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