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I can't remember whether I had my contacts in or not. I'm thinking not, because I can only wear them for about 14 hours at a time and my labors were at night. I'm a -6 diopter and I just don't remember vision being an issue at all, I guess I was just too focused inwardly to notice. But then I'm quite sure I could see my baby find, although maybe it was more of an "inner" seeing -- but then again, like you say, it only takes 30 seconds to put them in, so maybe I'd done that. LOL, that's so funny that I can't remember! I remember my labors in so much detail, too.
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Here, they won't allow you to wear them. I HATE glasses and can't see without correction. They said that in case I needed surgery, I have to have them out. I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I have been packing my hospital bag.
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Are they going to stare into everyone's eyes to make sure they aren't wearing contacts? LOL I'd flatout refuse, I loathe wearing glasses so much. If you need surgery they can't take 10 seconds to remove contacts? Puh-lease. Does anyone there already know that you wear contacts? I'd just wear the contacts. Nobody will probably even notice.
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wow, I thought I was bad at -3.75. I can't see a darn thing

I left my contacts in during my hosp birth with both of my kids. Where I work we have scheduled c-section moms take theirs out but laboring moms leave them in. Kind of counterintuitive- I think the concern is that under long general anesthesia your eyes do not lubricate properly and wearing contacts could cause damage to your eyes. Scheduled c-section moms are probably less likely to need general than a laboring patient who goes to true emergency c-section. So yet another thing that doesn't make sense.

Good luck with your upcoming birth.
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I was hooked up to an IV when I was in labor with my first and between the IV fluid and the fluid I retained due to pre-e caused my eyeballs to change shape. My contacts floated around in my eyes and drove me crazy. I had to take them out, but I would have been able to keep them in. I ended up having to have an emergency c/s.

I had to have an emergency c/s with my second as well and had my contacts in. I asked about it and they said it wasn't a problem. I didn't have any problems this time.
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my contacts lense prescriptions are 8 and 10... I always have my glasses w/in reach, if I am not wearing my contacts, it is a necessity.

I didn't have trouble during labor... just brought saline and a case with me, just in case. In most cases you'll have plenty of time in labor before you push and while you push, so if you notice your eyes getting dried out you could take them out for a while and still have time to put them back in. Hospitals are really drying, so I did notice that.... but since you are at home for birth, you won't notice that... (hey yet another home birth plus!!)

I just think you will want to take them out for a bit-- at least to clean them, rewet them, especially if you end up up during the night, etc. That helped me- so perhaps have someone remind you to do that at some point. My labor with #2 was (wonderfully) intense and quick, but I would have had plenty of opportunities to take care of my contacts had I needed to-- just would have needed a prompt to DO it, as it was NOT on my mind at all.

As for post baby--- I was a little crazy with ds #1-- but he was also intense. The BIGGEST visual help to me was having a nightlight and flashlight... so I could get around w/o having to turn on the big lights. I still rely on a nightlight for my nightime parenting needs- especially w/ dd now 8 weeks.... back to why I was crazy...

With my son, I basically put my contacts on every time he woke up in the night for the first month, at least. This is a because I was #1 not used to my glasses and #2 the prescription was slightly off.... and #3 some first time mom insecurities. I really don't remember why but the few times I tried to do things with just glasses were very uncomfortable to me, so that was my solution.

This time, I have not needed to do that at all- I do just rely on my glasses, but they are FAR better than other glasses-- ( I have very little side of the side distortion/movement that drove me crazyy).

And if stairs are involved (especially holding baby) I am triple careful... and would prefer my contacts-- so I do know where you are coming from.

Oh, yeah.. this time I remembered to bring a new pair of contacts with me. So after the birth and my post-birth shower, I put on a fresh new pair of contacts (-; It just felt nice and right!

Hope that helps....

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I have extremely poor vision and hate glasses so much that I don't own a pair. I wear contacts that are okay to sleep in and they've been a lifesaver with a baby. I wore them all through labor without any problem.
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I left mine in though I do suggest bringing your glasses just in case as well as some solution. I got pain killer and ended up sleeping with them in. They were so dry they fell out when I blinked. I had to go without anything for a few hours before DH was able to bring my glasses.
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I left mine in for all my births: 1 induced vag delivery, 1 natural vag delivery, and 3 c/s's (not planned).
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I switched back and forth between my contacts and glasses with both of my births. With DS I was in labor for 24 hours, starting at 9PM one night and going to 9PM the next. I took them out when I wanted to rest or when they irritated me. With DD, I again labored through the night, from around 10PM to 8:30AM and took them out when I wanted to rest. I've since had LASIK (the best thing in the world!!!!), but my eyes used to get very dry if I tried to even nap with my contacts in for a brief time. I would try to labor with your contacts, but keep glasses nearby just in case. You never know what you're going to need to be comfy.
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I wore my contacts during both of my homebirths. Huh, I never even thought about it. Interesting.
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My first birth was a hospital birth and they made me take them out.

the second birth was 29 hours and I wore them the whole time but took them out right after to nap. So, all of my pictures are of me looking fat and dorky in my giant glasses.

The third birth was 42 hours and I took them out sometime during the middle of labor. Fat and dorky looking, but in much more stylish glasses this time.
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See, I have sort of the opposite question. Before pregnanc, I normally wore contacts... and I had the kind that you can wear for 30 days without ever taking them out. But early in pregnancy, my eyes were really dry and the contacts were uncomfortable. So I started wearing contacts. Once the dryness cleared up, I tried to go back to my contacts, but I just couldn't see as well with them in as I could with my glasses. So I have pretty much been wearing my glasses nonstop. But I've been thinking about when I go into labor, if the glasses will be uncomfortable (getting wet in the birth pool, sliding down my sweaty nose, etc) and I've thought about trying to wear my contacts. But if I can't see as well with my contacts, then will that be a problem? For me it's a delimma. I guess I could go to my doctor and ask for a temporary prescription that might work better for my pregnant eyes... the issue with that, though, is that I got this last supply of contacts with a new doctor (we moved) and I don't particularly like the doctor. He creeps me out and they screwed up both my contact order and my glasses prescription. So it would mean finding a new doctor within the next 2 weeks. Bleh. Seems like a lot to worry about.
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I think I had my contacts in my hospital bag. I wore glasses durign my entire hospital saty. i had to have my mom bring them to the OR for me, so I could see the baby.

I put them in again, I think when I left the hospital. I managed to find time every day to put them in. I didn't find time to eat or brush my teeth or shower, but for contacts, oh yes.
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I used to wear contacts but wasn't using them at the time that I gave birth to DS. I wish that I was, because they took my glasses away and I couldn't even see him the 2 times they showed him to me after my C-section. All I saw was a pink blob after they pulled him out, and again in recovery. I didn't really see his face until 4 hours after delivery! KEEP YOUR CONTACTS IN!
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I've never heard of having to remove contacts before a c/s. What would the potential danger be?? I took out my tongue piercing before going into the hospital to have my son (figured just in case they needed to intubate me in an emergency) but I never considered my eyes....
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I don't bother asking them for permission or telling them.I wore my contacts through all of my labors.They are just too concerned with the idea that you WILL need surgery.The contacts restriction is just as annoying as no food,using a heplock,heart monitor and making you change into one of their illfitting gowns.
I only wear my glasses from the bed to the bathroom.My glasses have been knocked off and I just can't see out of them no matter how new the script.I've always found time for a quick shower(okay rinse) and popping in of contacts even though I forget to pee.
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I'm pretty sure I had mine in for the whole birth. Also, no problems with them during the NB phase.
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I had 3 hospital births and never took my contacts out.
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I figure one of the main reasons they have their contacts out is because they're in a hospital & you probably have to, just in case, right?
I've had 3 hospital births and I've never heard such a thing. Not even online or among my friends. you can cross this one off your "what if"s
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