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34 weeks "high end of normal" for amniotic fluid?

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I went for my NST today and after my peri wanted to do a quick ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid levels. I am 34 weeks. Apparently, I was 20.9 which is at the higher end of normal so he wants to keep an even closer eye. Well, I shouldn't have gone on the internet to research because now I am very nervous. Has anyone experienced anything similar or have any information? Thanks.
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I have a lot of fluid with my last baby. I had a mostly unassisted pregnancy. I consulted a friend who was a midwife and saw her three times but other than that I did it all my self.

I was measuring big, very big, but the baby was normal size. My fundal height was 46 cm. at 36 weeks. I read all I could on it and and decided that I did have excess fluid but no where near polyhydramnios. Is polyhydramnios your fear? Cord prolapse?

You are still normal. Just on the higher end of normal. You don't have anything to worry about.

If I knew what your fear was I could answer more for you.

Deep breath. And a big
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Measuring fluid levels with u/s is totally inaccurate. I wouldn't bother with it.

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Thanks for your reply...yes, my concern would be polyhydramnios. According to my peri anything over 24 is considered polydydramnios which is why at 20.9 it is at the high end of normal. This little guy was so unexpected (my third back to back pregnancy) that I just can't imagine something happening to him this far along. Also, apparently with excess fluid there is increased risk of postpartum hemmorage for which I already am at major risk due to blood clotting disorders.
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I had polyhydramnios with my first (full-blown polyhyradmnios by like 30 weeks, if I recall correctly), and I was very nervous, since polyhydramnios can be caused by digestive defects in the baby. The OB told me that polyhydramnios can be lessened by following a lower-carb diet, so you might try that to keep the fluid levels from getting any higher.

FWIW, my polyhydramnios was idiopathic (no known cause), and my son was perfectly fine, born at 38 weeks (induction --> c-section) at 8lbs, 3oz. (Dr. induced me because of the polyhydramnios, and because, at 36 weeks, my blood pressure went way up.)
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That is very interesting about the lower carb foods and I will definately try that because I realize that I have been eating ALOT of whole grains and other carbs i.e. ice cream and fruits. I normally do not eat alot sweetened products but have craved recently including lemonade and sweet tea which I normally can't stand. So thanks for the information and I am definately going to try to balance in more protein and less of the sweetened foods. Hope it works.
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If it makes you feel any better, mine is 25, so definitely excess fluid (or so they say from ultrasound), and the doctors at Stanford Children's did not seem too concerned by that. They want to follow it, but they were more concerned about diabetes in me than anything else. I'm measuring 34 at 29 weeks, so for me the main issues seems to be that I look/feel huge at this point and wonder what is going to happen.
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I passed my 24 hour urine and my 3 hour glucose test but have been having protein in my urine in trace or positive amounts which they are watching. Baby has been measuring big all along too. He was 5 1/2 lbs at 32 weeks and my stomach has been measuring a week or two ahead as well. This is all just so scary. Even though my peri didn't seem overly concerned ( I know he has to tell us everything he finds)....it just makes me so nervous when he mentions these things!
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