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Refferred to a Doc who respects not vaxing but...

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Ok, 2 people refer me to a pediatric practice who supposedly respect not vacccinating. One Doc in particular is said to be the best, s o Iswitch and make an appointment for my son.When setting up the appointment the yasked "what one is it?" I said he is not on the well visit schedule, the ysaid fine but the computer needs me to pick one for the appointment. Ok doesn't sound non vax friendly but I pick one. She then mentions the yneed to know ahead of time for shots, I say he will not be receiving any...Fine, but teh computer..whatever. So I make an appontment- 2 months away. Ok. So I tell friend who recommended this Doc and she swears the yare great, etc. Never an issue. I am happy.

Last night at work, the subject somehow comes up and I (oddly) openly say I don't vax DS and no longer DD. Coworker says don't I have too. I explain, no and the law, etc. She proceeds to tell me when her son was small, approx. 16 years ago she skipped shots b/c she had no insurance. When she took him to the Docs they called the state and she was investigated due to no shots!! Ok, I said who called and when she said his Doctor, I was shocked, I asked who it was.. and no lie, she gives the name of MY NEW NO VAX RESPECTING Pediatric Group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am torn now and scared. I gues it may have changed over the years. The friend who reffered me had the state called on her by a pyscho and she was not hassled for not vaxing ( but was for cosleeping : ) And no it was not the Doc who called.

Should I be scared or do you think times have changed? I mean, was this a sign? I do not usually freely discuss this issue and the fact Ibrought it up was odd! Please help me calm down!
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I do not know what to tell you about your pediatrician and your friend with the CPS launched on her. I can tell you from my experience with CPS that you are guilty until, well, YOU ARE JUST PLAIN GUILTY!

You have a better chance of a fair trial if you assassinated someone live on camera.

They never make mistakes. They are G-D.

I would avoid any contact with them at any cost.

Just my own personal experience. NOT from not-vaxing, just with other issues. But if the doctors in the ER were informed that I did not vax, I would never have seen my children again, and this is CA.
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First off, even though the actual doctor is not hard-core vax, the nurses and others in the office could be. (That was our experience.)
Second, find out the exemption laws where you live and go with paperwork exemption to support your decision.
Third, doctors do change their perspectives. Dr. Mendelsohn at www.*********/vaccines/mendelsohn.html, for example.

Going thru some of the threads could give you some peace of mind.

I was on State insurance in California, went to a clinic, was appointed a doctor, and he was a gem! I was a little nervous. Told him that I was undecided about vaccines at that point. (We too, were off schedule with well-baby check-ups.) He told me no problem. The reason we give the shots in the first year is because that is when parents are more "on it" with bringing babies in for their check-ups. He clearly saw that I was a "thinking" mother and making informed decisions for my child's health. We saw him between 3 months and 17 months, and he never mentioned shots again.
Go in powered with knowledge and a humble attitude. If he hassles you, don't return. And if you are worried about legal issues, get that paperwork in order. There have been instances where parents are challenged, but you do have rights. Again, check out your state's data.
Do go with your instincts. You have 2 months to shop around...

BTW...we have moved and now I am a little nervous about the whole no vax situation and the authorities. I spend a lot of time on these boards and am getting my paper work together. I just found a non-vax support group in a community directory. There might be something like that where you live as well.

Stay strong and keep breathing....
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I know non vaxers but most are weaklthy (not me), several are RN's (not me) , and have private insurance (not me). Also, DH is in a state program due to mental illness, which scares me if the authorities were ever called. They JUDGE everything, and DS has not been to any Doc in a year....

I have all paperwork and the local groups I found have been of little or no help.
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BTW, there is a descent chance there was more to this womans DYFS investigation, but by all means it was motivated by the year of missed shots.

Lately, the subject has been brought up and while looking at my DD's vax records (she was vaccinated until 2 years ago, DS had one when the lightbulb came on), I noticed, many just have dates/ni signatures and the rest of the signatures are intials. Part of me says forge records too. There is no way they can tell, being they give out vax like banks give out lollipos, hell many banks even offer a flu vax once a year!!

I am so paranoid, being none of my family would be supportive of not vaxing and if my kids were evertaken (nausious just typing that) and family given rights, they would immediately vax them too...

Also, a teacher acquaintance was telling me she was sure at least one shot was required by law...yikes! I had lied and say we go by our own schedule... (we have kids the same age.)
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