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Ideas for Breakfast on the Run?

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Beginning next week I have to have two kids out the door by 7:00 AM- 7:15 at the latest. We have a 1/2 hour drive then to their babysitter. I'm looking for any ideas for breakfast they can eat in the car. I've thought about waffles, but I'm not sure they like them. We can do toast and fruit. I'm not into pop tart type things or nutra grain bar type things either. Can anyone help me with some other ideas?
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What about if you made up a bunch of breakfast sandwiches and wrapped them individually and froze them. Then warm one up for each on the way out the door.
Muffins might also be a good choice.
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For homemade granola bars, see my post on this thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=752903
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My son eats a bagel on the way to school almost every morning. That's about the only thing we eat in the car. Can they eat once they get to the sitter's?
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almost anytime I go anywhere at all, I make a smoothie for the kids in the car. I put them in sealing cups with straws and I've never had a spill
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Cold quiche, sandwiches peanutbutter & honey, jam etc, chicken salad, turkey, cheese
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Thanks everyone for the ideas. I'm going to try the granola bars. I like how you have some play with how sweet you make them!
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oatmeal breakfast cookies
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i have premade baggies of cereal ready and they can take along a cup of milk to drink with it.

Also, my kids have been eating frozen waffles since they were babies and it is a standard on the run breakfast for us. They like them frozen still (not cooked, just frozen) Their faves are cinnamon and blueberry.

string cheese, yogurt, yogurt smoothies are all great options too.

Fruit slices can be taken with these.
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tortillas with things like cream cheese and grated carrot or nut butter and grated apple. If there is one spread (cream cheese, veggie pate, nut butter etc..) and some grated veggie or fruit then they don`t make a mess.

pasta shapes and cooked veggies, yes we eat this for breakfast :-) no sauce, just cooked veggies and the pasta, season with butter or whatever you like.

I have found some cute containers for car eating to be a hit
We don`t do a lot of plastic but it is nice for the car.

make sure you have a dust buster the car weekly
fun for the kids to help out

take a wet wash cloth for wiping hands and faces, much better than sposie wipes, cheaper better for the environment etc..

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