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Originally Posted by Heather423 View Post

I found some cool spreadsheets to track your cash or virtual "envelopes". I also use actual cash envelopes for gas, groceries, entertainment etc, and the savings is my virtual "envelopes".
Would you share what type of spreadsheets you found? Did they come with a budgeting program or some other software or where they free? I love things like spreadsheets and tracking things - but I definitely don't have any cool ones like yours sound

We're on pre-Baby step 1: working on getting everything current.
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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post

To put money towards your tag bill: You could try calling research companies in your area and see if there are any studies that you or dh qualify for. I generally make $60-$80 for an hour or two doing that. Is there anyone you could babysit or do temporary childcare for? List things to sell on craigslist so you don't have to mail them?
How do you find them in your area ?

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Can I join you all or are you all starting a monthly thread ?

I am sarah mom to 4 child and wife to Joe . We have ben doing Dave's plan for about 2 almost 3 monthes . We are super excited and keep working lots extra to pay off the yucky credit cards here is our debt and were we are at now :
Emergency fund its now at 890.00 /1000.00 due to our battery going on Dh car this week but it was fully funded.
Debt is :
HSBC : 0/600.00 paid Nov 1st
Best buy :336.00/484.00
household :993.00/1041.00 (we had this down and then a annually fee was charged)
Providian :1174.00/1253.00
medical bill for DD theraphy was 120.00 when we started the plan now paid
Verizon cell phone 360.00 canceled our cell phones this is our cancel fee
Greenbriar appartments 1300.00/1500.00
Car 7065.00/7673.00

We also have a Disney Vacation club and we have it up for sale now . So lots of debt but we are slowing moving along .

Infact My mom just sent us 250.00 for christmas and its going to the best buy credit card as soon as the check clears our bank .
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susanniemeyer, Here is a site with lots of spreadsheets based on DR methods. I like Pam's bi-weekly budget, I customized it to be weekly, since I get paid weekly, and my husband bi-weekly. http://www.jimnkim.net/index.php?pr=Spreadsheets

For the "virtual" envelopes I use: http://www.mdmproofing.com/iym/produ...heck-register/

This is really cool.... (I thought it was anyway).
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I just canceled my very first credit card-Mervyns. I got it 10 years ago and I probably haven't used it in 8 years. I think I just kept it for sentimental reasons. Thanks to Dave it is dead. Even though it hasn't had a balance in a long time, it was a definate step in going towards being debt free. Now if I could only figure out how to finance an adoption debt free...ugh!
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Should we start a December thread?! LOL

Great links, Heather!
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Link to the new thread.
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