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Need help...LaBoR?!?!?!?

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Okay ladies...I need some help! I think I am in labor. I met without our midwife last week and she explained that labor contrax would be completely different than what I was feeling. This afternoon, things started to change a bit. I have been feeling funny and literally slept all day yesterday and today I felt crampy but alright. This afternoon, pressure got real heavy on my cervix and as I was cooking dinner, I started having crampy lower abdomen contrax, different from the BH contrax and 13 minuntes apart. I finished dinner and ate and took a walk with my dog all the while having consistent contrax. My CM has been thick but not bloody or anything and no other kind of show. I am wondering I guess if this is all typical??? Is it possible to be in labor and not have any bloody show or any other kinds of signals??? I am having back pressure and complete belly contrax. I don't want to call our midwife because I feel like I am crying wolf waking her up at night and bothering her family until I am absolutely sure of things. Should I just wait until the contrax progress further??? It's getting to the point that it's hard to walk because the pressure is so heavy on my cervix. I am pretty confident that the contrax are now coming about every 11 minutes but only lasting 30-45 seconds. I guess I can sleep a little while and hope that things progress and maybe my water breaks so I have some sort of confirmation.

Any help from you all would be terrific. I am ready to have this baby but don't want to rush it too much. I know something is going on with my body. I know this is not regular and something is up whether progressive or not. Thanks a bunch...I really appreciate it all!!!

~~*Kristina*~~ wife to Joe [] and expecting [] [:] #1 10-18-07 planning a [] and to [:] Living [:] and saying [] [] []
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you're a month early but it sounds a lot like labor to me.

Do what you feel you need to do. Your mw can talk you through some stuff and she can help you determine if you're having a baby!
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This could be labor or it could be "early" labor or prodromal labor. You can definitely have any of the above with no bloody show, broken waters, etc. It is definitely not yet "active" labor because the ctxs are still so far apart and so short. I would definitely try to sleep and get as much rest as possible. It's possible it'll "fizzle" during the night and come back again another time, possibly tomorrow. I don't think I'd call the MW at this point, if it's late at night, unless they pick up to being less than 10 minutes apart and longer. Then she might like a bit of warning that labor is progressing. Most would say that 5 minutes apart is indicative of "real" or active labor.

All the best!
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FWIW I have never had a bloody show. I also wouldn't call until you feel you need assistance. Good luck!
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This is certainly labor, but it could be "warm up" labor which could mean that you're days (or weeks) away from having the baby. Then again, you could have the baby tonight or tomorrow. Rest while you can. Get some good sleep. Have half a glass of wine if that is your thing and definitely have some good quiet time.
Can't wait to hear more!
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yeah I'm no help just wanted to send best wishes!
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good luck with whatever happens. hoping for a positive update soon!
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I never had bloody show at all only after I was in very active labor. I did have lots of lost plug tho. Mine was white as cotton and very thick and gunky and it just kept coming.
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happy laboring!
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I've been having the same type of thing for the last couple days, and yesterday I really thought this baby would be coming soon, but after a good nights rest I feel fine. Oh patience is so difficult!

I would definitely second the rest and my midwife always suggests a nice bath, it'll help get things going after you get out of the tub if it's real labor or if it's just gearing up it will kind of fizzle out.

Hope you're doing well this morning!!
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Yep, I had the same thing last night...my MW told me to drink a glass of wine and take a bath. I ate dinner, drank a glass of wine with dinner, and took a bath...they went away. HTH!
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I never had any show at all before my babies were born. What you describe sounds exactly like the start of my last labor. Tokk me 6 hrs from then to hold my baby
Good luck!
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If your contrx are 11 minutes apart, you could be like this for weeks still. Sorry! : OR you could go into active labor tonight. Who knows? Call you midwife and chat while you're contracting (wait until a decent hour if it's late at night unless you're really worried); she'll be able to tell a lot by how you sound on the phone during a contraction if she's a good midwife.
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I don't have any advice- sorry but wanted to wish you well! I'm excited to hear any updates as my EDD is the day before yours!
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Definately sounds like something is happening. But of course, with babies, who knows what that will mean lol

I'd just let her know during daytime hours so she knows, but other than that, don't go on any trips and take it easy that's for sure, could be any time or a while lol
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Things are much better this evening. I was kinda excited about it all last night and really preparing for it but nothing really happened. Our midwife said that I would know when it's real and that this is just some preparation. We go visit tomorrow and hopefully she will do an exam and be able to tell us more as against exams as I am! Since this is our first baby, I just feel like I don't know what to expect even though I have read all about it and she keeps telling me. I feel like I am crying wolf everytime I have a question of "Is this really it?!" Pretty much she said we could have the baby any time and I feel like it. He is really low in my pelvis, we already know that so it's just a waiting time! Thank you so much for all the responses! I really appreciate it and look forward to giving an update on our birth soon!!!
my signature is off for some reason :*(
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I can see your siggy it says ~~*Kristina*~~

it wont be long now. I know it feels like it will but after the birth happnes you will look back on your pg and thing wow that went fast.
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I can see your siggy it says ~~*Kristina*~~

it wont be long now. I know it feels like it will but after the birth happnes you will look back on your pg and thing wow that went fast.
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i didn't have any bloody show or water break/leak until the baby (x2) started coming down in full active labor. the frequency of the contractions is the telling part - 3-4 minutes usually means you'll have a baby soon.

Don't feel like you're crying wolf - you've never done this before! Your MW is there to be your assistant and advisor, don't feel shy to call her.

The great thing about your contractions is your body is making it that much less work for the time the baby is really coming out. Take advantage of the work it is doing by relaxing/deep pelvic floor breathing and allowing the body parts to shift places with the contractions as they come.

Best wishes and take care!
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