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Sore breast lump WHILE pregnant?

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Sunday I noticed my right breast hurt and by Monday afternoon it was hurting even when just moving around. Monday evening it was stinging on and off, whether I touched it or moved or not.

I palpated when it started stinging and found a lump about 3-4 inches above my nipple (I have big, saggy boobs) and it hurts to touch it. I also noticed it is hurting more in the evenings.

I am not breastfeeding, nor have I been for years. I do have colostrum coming in now (7.5 months preggers).

What could this be? It feels like when my son was weaned and I would get a sore, full lump and have him nurse it out. It's miserable and hard to think with this feeling in my breast!!

Could it already be a plugged duct from the colostrum? I never had one while breastfeeding. I am trying some warm compresses and massaging but that HURTS!
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Huh. I had the same thing happen about 2 months ago now, and I had colostrum then too. It resolved on it's own, but I still have a red spot where it was. I have no idea; I'm glad it's gone though. I even thought about starting to nurse ds3 again (he self-weaned in January) if it wasn't going to go away, thinking, how do I deal with a clogged duct with nobody doing the work for me? It took over a week of red, swollen-ness before it went away. Oh, I also alkalised my body in case of infection.

I am curious about what other mamas might share. I thought it was weird too
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