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Gender Predictions!! - Page 6

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Well we had our ultrasound on Friday, and confirmed my thoughts that it was a boy!! :
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Updated to here

Congrats again to wowbaby42 on her sweet baby girl!

And congrats to Sarahmomofmany on her beautiful baby boy!!
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well, ultrasound shows its a BOY!! I knew it
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i had an ultrasound today and there is no mistaking I am having a boy. He was more than happy to show off his boy parts. I thought for sure I was having a girl!
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Updated to here

Congrats to AGierald and patchynurse on their perfect baby boys! :
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My guess was right we are having a little girl.:
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Had the u/s and it's a boy. My guess was wrong, and my husband's was right.
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my guess was wrong, too. boy. need time to adjust.
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Well I was wrong. It's a boy!!
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Updated to here

Sorry I haven't been on the ball lately, guys. Congrats to all the mamas who have found out the sex of their babies!
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You can change my actual to a boy Boy was I wrong.....lol
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Boy here. I thought it was a boy early on then became convinced it was a girl. Should've stuck to my first thought.
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I am entering my prediction kinda late in the game.
I feel like baby is a girl and have from the very beginning.
DS keeps saying baby is a boy. So we will see who is right!
I am so convinced this baby is a girl that I think of her as a girl and it will take some adjustment if I have a boy! I keep reminding myself that I will get the baby that is perfect for me - boy or girl!
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Late-comer here too. I won't be finding out until b-day but my prediction is girl although Ananas says boy. I'll be happy either way. Not much longer until the ball drops and I get my little prize.
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Updated to here!

If you think of it, check the list and make sure I have your predictions/actual genders correct. I prolly didn't catch it if you posted them in another thread, but not here.
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Thanks so much lilkat for taking the initiative to do this. At this stage in the game it seems very few of us have enough energy to take on anything that isn't absolutely vital for survival. LOL. I know I don't. Kudos to you!
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I was right! I got a little boy. River Kai!

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My guess was right too! It's a girl.

So weird, bc by the end we were 100% convinced it was a boy!!
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My guess was wrong and I couldn't be happier. We got a perfect little boy. I do much better with boys anyway even though DP was hoping for a girl.
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i was right - girl!!
i think ds knew it was a girl but he really wanted a boy.
he seems just as happy with a sister.
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