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07/22 DDDDC Victims

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I am LOL at my dddddc title :LOL:LOL

doesnt everyone blar de blar the schlunkey? :LOL
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:LOL i love it ..... way to cute.... but not I
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For the clueless such as I....
What does it mean?:
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That is funny......what is it? LOL
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I don't get it but it's still funny :LOL
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We all got new ones!!!!


Someon from chat gave me mine......who was it

Jesse.......look at yours!!!!!!

Fess up.........Too funny :LOL
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Me too? LOL Another one? LOL

<------ Sure, thought since I was away on vacation, you could get away with it. Didn't think I'd have internet access did ya! (Well ok I didn't think I was going to either)

Does anyone really want to know the corny story behind this one?
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I was trying to be vague and non-guideline breaking in a post in this forum somewhere, oh! the "Diapering forum guidleines thread" LOL.
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Does anyone really want to know the corny story behind this one?
Did you say Corn????
<~~~who done it
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Here Kendell . . . this is the quote:
Say WAHMary makes the BumBum Kuvver. She has an innovative way of say, turning her gussets or some funky feature. People are posting "WTHeck does this little doodad on my BBK do?" "I don't know!" "I've got one too! I can't figure it out". Shouldn't WAHMary be able to say "It's for blar de blarring the shlunkey!" And everyone goes "AAAAAAAAH! I get it!!!" ...much like when someone asks "How do I secure my PF with this cursed snappi thing?". kwim?

Definitely lightens up a 'heavy' thread! :LOL
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You all those are so cute and cool...kinda snazy going around with a dddc...lol....those are way funny :LOL :LOL :LOL
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I get it........

Nice one Heather

<<<skipping off to find a diaper with a "shlunkey" in my stash>>>
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Y'all crack me up!

had to edit to fix my smilies.
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Too funny!!!!!!:LOL
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Umm . . . where's JodiM? I noticed she has been DDDDC'ed as well!
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I did nothing, or at least I admit to nothing
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I liked the one that said I was beautiful :LOL :LOL
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DDDDC has struck again.

Well I see I am sporting a new title and a few others around here. Anyone wanna fess up?
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