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It's just too hard to explain to dh why I am laughing.

But YOU understand, don't you?
oxox pam
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<------ huh!! what the???

Say, am I boring you all??

:P xoox pam
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Originally posted by pamelamama
<------ huh!! what the???

Say, am I boring you all??

:P xoox pam

:LOL damn juice on the keyboard, thanks Pam :LOL
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Ok, the anal proofreading thing is killing me :LOL
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Originally posted by Mamaste

For the record ... ... I *loved* my lil red Snappi!

OK NOW I'M IN TEARS!! That's just too stinkin' funny y'all.........
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Stop it NOW...you're all gonna send me into labor--TONIGHT!

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Pamela . . . much came off that Guidelines thread in the way of DDDDC names .

If I remember correctly, SPAM is BORING!
If I remember correctly just about everything in violation of the rules to you was BORING!

Oh, and you even said that you could be put in charge of all that which was BORING . . . remember?????? :LOL
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Okay, so here I sit, at 4:30am nak my 6 mo old with a 100 degree temp from her shots today, and I'm laughing so hard...well...let's just say the "laughing so hard I peed my pants" smilie would be appropriate here. I love you gals!

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Originally posted by detergentdiva
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It's been days and this thread still has me rolling around laughing. Kaeleb must think his mama's a lunatic!
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dh is so crazy! he joined mdc and heather replied and men dddc and now he looks over my shoulder to see if he's been dddced yet, :LOL

he's such a goober! he's so jealous!
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I read most of these the other day, and was !!

Just what exactly does a gal hafta do to 'get done dirty' around here, anyway? heheheee
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Ya just open up your mouth when your not thinking about it and say something really silly that may come back to haunt you when your not looking, or out on vacation. :LOL
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These are all too funny!

I am enjoying reading them

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