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Water birth question

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I'm a first time mom-to-be and have kind of a silly question. I will be having a water birth at a birth center with midwives and I was wondering what do you wear?? I know I will be mostly naked but I don't think I would feel comfortable being totally naked the whole time I am in the tub Obviously a bathing suit wouldn't work but I was just wondering what some moms who maybe are a little shy like me did during their water births.

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sometimes women wear a sports bra. but then most of the time it comes off because, depending upon their position, it could get cold being wet. maybe one of those tankini bathing suit tops?

I think it's normal to ask about these things with your first baby. I worried, too....but then in the heat/midst of labor, I didn't really care. It may be different for you.
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I had a hospital waterbirth and a home waterbirth and I was totally naked both times. I figure it was all women present, they had all seen this many times before, and for me, clothes in labor suck! I wanted to be naked both times.
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This is a great question, I too am a first time mom (almost), having a water birth. I *plan* on wearing either my bathing suit tankini top or just a regular tank top... I may opt for nothing if I'm feeling comfortable, or I may get in with something on and take it off if I need to.

It's funny, I never really thought of my self as being modest... but for some reason I am not totally comfortable going completely naked. That may change, but right now I plan on being partially covered.
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Throughout my pregnancy, I always thought that I would were a spaghetti strap tank top. So I bought a couple cute ones. Then I went into labor and asked dh to fill the tub.

I stripped down and got in - I mean, it was just dh, dd and me, right! But when the midwife got there, I was already ready to push and didn't even think to put something on. It didn't even phase me. Birth is such an organic experience that when you just go with the flow, it all works out.

Congrats on your preg and for a great birth!
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I'm very shy and didn't think I would be comfortable naked with the midwife and her apprentice or even my mom. So I bought some cute tank tops to wear. When my labor started I was wearing DHs boxers and his t-shirt, my labor was only 3 hours and 45 min total and extremely intense so the last thing on my mind was changing my clothes. I had my boxers off right away then after DD came out the midwife took my shirt off in the pool. I was walking around naked, getting cleaned up and into bed, and didn't care at all.
I think I worried about that the most.
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I've been wondering the same thing in anticipation of DC#!, a planned waterbirth for Dec. I think I'd like to have a plan in mind for what to wear, and have it available, and then if I decide to go nude at the last minute, fine.
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I agree that you probably won't care when the time comes... but as for things to wear: I have a two-piece maternity swimsuit that consists of a dress-like top and briefs. The top alone does come down to the butt, so it would be even more discreet than a conventional tankini top. Might want to search out one of these!
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I wondered about this too. When the MWs said I could get in the tub, I remember having a fleeting thought about how funny it was that I threw my clothes off without a hint of modesty! Not like me at all! I do wish that I had been wearing a bra or something though so that I would be comfortable showing people the pictures.
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I wore a tank top.
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As a doula, most of my moms - and myself included, both times - were so deep in the throes of labor that the tops come off without any sort of thought whatsoever.
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I am (well, used to be) extremely modest. I brought a black tank top with me so I wouldn't be totally naked. When the time came to get in the water to have DS1 I was so into laboring that I didn't care if I was in the middle of Times Square and naked, I wasn't worried about it. With DS2 I was too busy begging to get in the tub to worry about my modesty. It was only a 45 minute labor and I really wanted to get in the tub but the hospital didn't allow water births and I didn't understand what the midwife meant when she said that she didn't think I had time to get in the water. I had 3 contractions in the tub and then had the baby...almost in the tub. I guess my little guy was trying to break the rules!

Good for you for wanting a water birth. Don't spend too much time worrying about what to wear because chances are it will never come into play.
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I'm not a naked birther. With my last three births (all waterbirths) I wore either a bathing suit top or a sports bra. Out of the tub I wore a light robe or a nightie.
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I see many mamas wearing a sports bra or tank top. Very modest mamas might like a small towel draped over their bellies and upper thighs in the water to cover up (and it keeps the belly warm and feels really nice if someone slowly pours water over it) if they recline.
The top does get cold after a bit, and most mamas will take it off after the baby is born.
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my first birth i labored in the tub. i wore a tank top and a sarong when i got out. with my second birth i was much more comfortable with everything. when they told me i could get in the pool i stripped down and got ready to work!
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I labored in the tub at a birth center (they weren't allowed to do water births) and by then all of my modesty was gone. I don't remember if I was naked before I got into the tub, or just afterwards until she was born.
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Even the most modest mothers seem to become less so and most end up naked by the end...or so I hear! I am very modest but I gave birth naked the first time, and the second time in my sports bra because I simply didn't think to take it off.
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I'm very modest and never even considered giving birth naked! But when the time came to get in the tub, my top came off and in I went. I was never uncomfortable-- I don't think I even noticed!
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I was naked for both births. DD1 I was naked as soon as I could and up until I decided to transfer. DD2 I went back and forth since I was in and out of our tub often and because my SIL was there (she is anti naked and had made comments that made me want to respect her boundaries). In the end my SIL still saw me naked (right after the birth) and it didn't phase either of us.
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I wore a sleeping bra type bra for the birth of DD. She was waterborn at home. It's wasn't so much a modesty thing (it was just DH, mw, assistant, and my sister there) as I knew I wanted pictures taken of the birth and immediately after and I wanted to be able to share those pictures with everyone.
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