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Originally Posted by elizawill View Post
ha ha, don't drag me back into it! i was out 2 pages ago!!
Me too. I'm done. I can't think of a single thing more I want to say on the subject. Hey-- thanks for the links in the other threads, btw!

But I thought it was a great conversation, even if we don't all see eye to eye. I think that's cool, really.
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wow, my initial impression of the OP's list is that it is a crazy high benchmark for a 6-yr-old, and i expect not to care if the kiddo learns that stuff by any particular age, except one that seems appropriate, which i won't know until i know what my kid is like. but i still have so much reading & learning to do, so don't quote me on that. my ideas about unschooling are very loosely formed at the moment.

but i am VERY curious to see the variety of replies here. loooong thread, though, so i'm subscribing to come back & read later.

i will just say one thing... i mostly did elementary education at a high-caliber private school, and it did what they meant for it to do, in that everything from 7th grade through 10th was cake at a public school, and then i mostly unschooled myself for 11th grade and went straight to a highly selective private college, on scholarship, at 16. it wasn't just the education they dictated to me, it's also that i was very motivated and anxious to be around an older, more academically driven/engaged set of "peers". but i can say with certainty that i know i was never BEHIND on my curriculum compared to where other kids were, and i was obviously at least a little ahead. and that stuff sounded like 2nd & 3rd grade stuff to me, so that's why i immediately raised an eyebrow, thinking it seemed unreasonable. i mean, we didn't do times tables until 3rd grade, unless i'm just remembering wrong!?

if i'm not, and kids are being driven to be at higher & more sophisticated levels of competency at increasingly early grades, well then, aside from all the balking that would make me want to do b/c there's a point when it's just ridiculous (they're kids!!!), i am wondering, why does it actually seem like high school and undergrad students are the opposite – increasingly unable to write or use even basic math, like geometry, in practical applications? it just seems weird to me that the standards sound higher than ever, but the results seem poorer than ever. probably it's partly a perception thing, and people aren't really coming out of school less well educated, right? but i could swear they say this is true on NPR all the time???

sorry for all my random rambles / thinking aloud before i've even read the thread! redface.gif
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