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Hi everyone. I'd like to join too. At times I'm positive I want a VBAC but other times I doubt myself. It's not an easy decision to make. I had my first child vaginally but my second via c-section due to complete Placenta Previa.

I would like to due a VBAC this time if possible. Honestly though and I hope no one throws : at me - my c-section was much easier for me than the traumatic birth of my first DS. Even recovery was easier. (Plus the hospital was great in allowing me to have the baby right away, stay with me and DH in recovery, room with me after the first night but the baby was with me most of that first night anyway, etc.) I think because I knew that anything but a c-section wasn't an option for me I don't have any emotional scars because of it. At first I was devastated about the c-section, but maybe because I had a 'good' experience, I've come to terms with it.

I want a VBAC this time because I know it's better for me and the baby. I'm not afraid of a c-section, but I am afraid of tearing like I did with my vaginal birth. My labor was fine with DS1 but the actual birth was very tough for me. It was positive in the fact that I had a baby and we were thankfully both healthy, but that was about it. I'm ashamed to say that but it's true. It was not the birth experience I had visioned, but neither was my c-section come to think of it.

Of course there are no guarrantees that another c-section would be as easy as my first and that a vaginal delivery would be as bad an experience as I had either. That makes it so hard to decide.

One note, just because you have a scheduled c-section doesn't always mean that is when the baby is coming! I ended up having a semi-emergency c-section due to the fact that my bleeding from the previa was getting to a point that the doctors weren't comfortable with it. Plus I was contracting, and had a short labor with my first, so the risk of going into labor and hemorrhaing was valid. I ended up having Holden a week before I was "scheduled."

Thanks for all of the insight and information everyone. I really appreciate it.

I hope my placenta isn't low this time. Last time it started out low and just kept getting lower. I must have had a communication lapse with my placenta, for some reason it went the opposite of what I told it to do!
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I am currently going through the same thing. I am 10 weeks preg with my second child. My fist son is 13 months old and was born via c-sec due to being breech. The delivery was scheduled, but I went into labor on my own and was contracting and dialated to 4cm and everything before we got into the OR. I am now having problems finding an OB who will do a VBAC. My insurance does not cover and midwives in my area. My current OB plainly said "NO" to a VBAC.
At first I was crushed, cried and got very upset. I still would really like to VBAC. But it seems as if the decision is being taken out of my hands. I am definatly not up for the option of a homebirth (I'm too much of a chicken). I don't know what to do.
After I calmed down a little, I think I am starting to make peace with the fact that I will most likely have to have a repeat c/sec. My first delivery wasn't horrible. I don't like the idea of recovering from another surgery though. I'm not sure. I also dont know how I feel about the "labor at home until ready to push" plan either, I live and hour away from my hospital.
Emotionally, I keep going back and forth. What if something happened? What if I am that 1%? Could I live with myself, if something happened to my baby because I insisted on a VBAC against my doctor's advise? I just dont know waht to do. I also dont know if I really have any options here.
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sstrezo, that just seems so unfair that your OB can make the decision for you. did she say why? are you far from a hospital that does VBACs?

i just met with my OB (a new one, my old OB doesn't deliver babies anymore but she was honestly the best OB in the world, in my humble opinion
this new one was so calm and optimistic about VBAC. she didn't even ask me if i wanted to schedule it--just talked about my last delivery, how a cord problem was unlikely, and i should have no trouble with a vaginal delivery this time. i told her i was afraid that i wouldn't go into labor before 41 or 42 weeks and she didn't bat an eye, just said of course i would go into labor!

i don't understand how some OBs can be so positive about VBAC while others refuse to attend them. is it a matter of the hospital only? i know my hospital has a fully staffed OR 24/7, is that it?

anyway, it was SO reassuring to hear this OB (who my old OB highly recommended), who delivers at the best hospital in NYC, be so positive about VBAC. i'm sure i'll still panic about it a hundred times before i have this baby, but i already feel more at ease. i wish everyone had OBs like this near them.
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Well, part of the VBAC debate has to do with ACOG. Basically, until a few years ago the ACOG guidelines for a VBAC recommended that a surgical team to be on call during a vbac attempt. This wasn't a problem for most hospitals (many smaller hospitals provide this sort of on-call care as a routine policy, especially during "off" hours). Then ACOG changed their guidelines to say that a surgical team should be "immediately available" during a vbac attempt. Most facilities (and insurance companies) take this to mean that the surgical team needs to be physically present and "reserved" for the VBAC mama in the event of an emergency. Since medical insurance companies generally wont insure a doctor/hospital that is knowingly providing care that does not meet "industry standards"...well.

Some hospitals got pushed out of vbacs because they simply didn't have the resources (the cost of having a full surgical team standing by "just in case" for and unknown period of time is pricey), and some hospitals used the new guidelines as an excuse to stop offering vbac.

In terms of individual providers, medical insurance companies/malpractice insurance companies charge different rates depending on the types of patients a care provider has. The wonderful OBs I saw for my VBAC stopped attending births shortly after mine since they couldn't afford the insurance necessary to attend the sorts of births they feel are important (natural, unmedicated, vbac, etc).

There are lots of reasons why a specific hospital or care provider doesn't "do" vbac...

Which is sad.
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OK, so I am starting to have some more hope!!!! I recently found a doctor's/midwives group in willowbrook, IL called West suburban Women's Health. I called and the nurse said that they absolutly do VBACS!!!!!!!I explained my current situation and told her about my problems with my current OB and with finding another who would do one. She was shocked that so many offices were flat out refusing to even consider it. She did mention that she believed it was because of the medical malpractice insurance waivering doctor's opinions. So, I am just waiting for the scheduling lady to call me back to make an appointment. I am so happy that I could just cry!!!!!!!!: I know not all planned VBACs end in a vaginal delivery, but at least I know I have that choice and at least I know that I will have put in the full effort. So for anyone in the south chicago area looking for a VBAC friendly OB, it sounds like West Suburban Women's Health just might be the best option. I will keep posting.
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Originally Posted by mom2tillie View Post
One of the major reasons that we (my DH and I) feel VBAC is right for us is because it is so much safer for moms and we haven't found any true contraindications for the baby either. I already have a beautiful little girl who depends on me and I love her with all my heart so I have to take care of myself for her. I have to be here for her. -Iris
I just read this and looked at my little guy and cried and cried... I have never thought of VBAC in these terms before - thank you.

I also wanted to say I cheer all of you on in your decision making and am proud of you whatever you decide. It's a lot of work to make informed decisions not based on fear - and sometimes it makes us cry

I am 10 weeks now and slogging my way through all of research and opinions. I am lucky in that when I went into my OB's office my MW said we love VBACs!
I wish you all knowledge without fear and peace.
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