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Chesapeake, I'm so sorry.
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Chesapeake - Any number of problematic things can happen in early pregnancy, causing the body to naturally abort the baby, as your body knows something is not right. And just because you have a healthy child doesn't mean something just didn't work right this one time when conception took place.. if you really research (don't, not at this time anyway), it's amazing anyone can procreate with all of the things that can and do happen in early pregnancy for so many women. This is why it's stated that many women get pregnant much more often than they realize, only to lose the pregnancy before their AF's are even due (chemical pregnancies). I know that didn't happen to you though.

I am so sorry for your loss. I've had four. It's not easy, I know. I think it's fairly normal (as sick as it is) that many women have at least one m/c in their lifetimes. And usually until it's 2-3 m/c's or more, dr's won't do any testing. But if yours will and it will help, then definitely do it.

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Chesapeake - I am so sorry, sending healing vibes your way
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Chesapeake- I'm so sorry for your loss. Take your time healing...
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Well, here is my own update. I'm still very tired. That's it. I also had some spotting a couple of days ago. It was very miniscule and brown with a little (and I mean little) blob of pink thrown in for good measure. I chickened out yesterday with taking the test. I guess I would feel better if I simply wait until I'm 18 dpo like my ND suggested and then test. So that's what I'm going to do. According to FF my due date will be 6/5/08, a day before my birthday, but if I know fate the way I think I do, I'll end up having a birthday surprise. Congrats to all the ladies who are getting their BFPs now. I hope that you have very sticky babies.
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I feel like poo on toast.

Don't get me wrong...I'm absolutely elated.....but still. Nothing full-force and constant or anything.....but everything in cycles and spurts. Nausea, exhaustion, short of breath/dizzy spells, heartburn, peeing, gassy, etc. I'm just biding my time until my 2nd tri....and staying optimistic.
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I tested a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised to get a positive result.. I ovulated quite late and thought for sure that my luteal phase wouldn't be long enough. But apparently..

My due date is June 2nd. So far my only symptoms are exhaustion, but that may have to do with the fact that I've been working several evening shifts, which means I don't get home 'til nearly midnight and then can't fall asleep until 2am. Ugh.

I'm actually hoping for nausea to kick in soon.. morning sickness was what kept me from gaining much weight with my boys, and I'm already quite overweight.
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I'm so excited to be joining you, and yet so sad for what Chesapeake is going through.

I'm due June 5, and have 2 other children (ages 5 and 2). I delivered DD 2.5 weeks early and DS 4 weeks early (but he was 7 lbs and juuuuuuust fine!), so I may very well deliver in May. Or I'll get my comeuppance and deliver June 19. Who knows!
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Welcome June mommas! Congrats to you all!

A special congrats to CNutty and KJad29--we were in the TTC forums together. I'm so happy to see you here
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Thanks mommycakes! Hope your doin well!

Update...me tatas are killin me!! I feel a little icky in the evenings, but other then that, pretty good. You wanna know the funny thing, I actually missed my period TODAY, and Ive known for a week! Man I got an early BFP!

Welcome to all, we are getting a nice big group! Im going to be out of town for a few days, but Ill "see" you all next week!
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Poking my head in to say hi can I join the party?

I got a surprise bfp tonight : my due date is around June 2...that's according to my lmp but I am still nursing my 2 year old and my cycles have been long and in this case I know I ovulated late but I wasn't charting and I didn't even write that o date down so who knows.

This will be our 3rd (ds is 3.5 and dd is 2) and we are scared but even more excited!! We can't wait to tell our kids!! But we've decided to wait until 2nd trimester to tell them and others.

Anyway...I am beat...(go figure ) so I am off to bed congrats to everyone!!!
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Hello - I'm here to join this thread. My edd is June 3rd according to my TCOYF chart - but I delivered my last dd 12 days past my due date - so I'm fully expecting a mid-June baby! I'm still nursing my 2.5 yr. old at naptime and also have a 5yr. old dd. Anyone else planning their first homebirth? I'm interviewing a second set of midwives in a week. I'm a little nervous and very excited!

ChesapeakBorn - I am so sorry. I was so sad to see your update here.

Must run - taking my youngest to the ortho. dr. today - she fell out of our bed 2 nights ago and fractured her clavicle - we've had one heck of a week here!

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Its so cool to see so many nursing mommies here!!!

yogamama2 - GL on finding a good mw. Your poor little DC hope he/she feels better soon. I am planning my 3rd homebirth, hopefully with the same mw as we had last time.

Anyone else planning a homebirth? I am a little tempted to go the UC route this time round, but not sure yet. I just know DH will be totally opposed. I have this feeling that I may be expecting twins - no real reason, just a feeling and if I am right then we will have to UC as mw here don't do homebirths when there are any complications and multiples are considered a complications :
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I'm starving!!! I've been eating non-stop. I've even been getting up in the middle of the night to consume apples and crackers. I think my voracious hunger might be due to the fact that I am still bfing my ds. Is this the case for any other bfing pregnant mommies?
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Well, it's official now, but there is some question about whether I'm a May or a June mom! So far, I'm feeling pretty good, a bit low on energy, but I'm trying to hang in there as I have a lot of major things happening between now and the end of November.
The only slightly sad thing is that I had found some designs and had gotten all set up to get some new ink, but I imagine that will have to wait.
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Welcome to the new mamas!

I'm waiting with baited breath for the results of our first beta hcg test and progesterone level. I'm expecting the call anytime today. I had the test yesterday morning. I've taken a couple more pg tests and while I know that hpt's aren't quantitative seeing the line get darker is encouraging! I go in tomorrow morning for another beta hcg and won't get those results until Monday unfortunately. I'll have my first u/s in a couple weeks (since I've had an ectopic pg they always do an early u/s to make sure the baby in the right place).

I'm not really having any symptoms except fatigue, but that could be because I'm not really sleeping that well at night and can't seem to sleep past 5am (I usually get around 7am). By 5am I totally have to pee and that wakes me. So I guess needing to pee badly in the early am could be a symptom. But no nausea, no sore bbs. I don't feel a bit pg but that's normal this early on.

Does anyone know when there will be an "official" due date club for our group? Just curious.
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I just tested positive, I think the dd is June 4. My 13-mo-old daughter was a couple days early, so maybe Thing 2 will show up on my b-day, June 1!!!
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Congrats heidi!

I just got my test results back in.
Hcg at 12dpo was 40. Progesterone was 23.8.
With my two sons my hcg was 30 and 31.7 at 12dpo, respectively. (I didn't write down the info from my daughter -- wish I had!)
With the twins that I miscarried my hcg was 40.1 at 12dpo.
And so here we are again with an hcg level of 40 at 12dpo. I'm nervous. Maybe it is twins again- maybe not - won't know until an u/s. But, this was the initial level that led to our miscarriage so I can't help but be nervous about it.

Because of our losses in the past, my OB is putting me (again) on prometrium. I'll start that tonight. It just adds a little extra layer of protection in case my body decides to slack off on producing the progesterone -- it has done that 3 times in the past, including our two boys who turned out just fine (but I took progesterone supplements with them too).

Anyway, I'm rambling! I'm excited and nervous and still in shock that I'm pg again!
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Congrats from the March DDC! And geez, we're into June already!? :
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Tulips11, . Hopefully everything turns out great with a little baby in 9 months.

Welcome to all the newbies! ... I should check this thread more often, huh?
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