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First thing you say when someone asks you why homeschool?

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When someone (not like minded) asks you why you choose to homeschool, what do you say? I know we all have our own reasons but i'm curious to what others say and how to keep the answer short.
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Because it works for our family.
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Because the public school doesn't teach anything correctly.
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Because we like it & I want my kiddo to LOVE learning, not *just* do learning.
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The short answer is...

Because we value our time as a family. LIfe is so short. We believe that we can provide an above average education for our DC, and this personal opinion works very well at this time for our family.

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To grownups and/or people I want to think of me as a grownup: The public schools are a mess, and private schools foster an unhealthy sense of elitism and entitlement which doesn't serve children well later in life.

To kids and/or people who know me well/people who are closer to my own age/more laid-back sorts: School sucks; I know, I went.
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"Because we like it" is usually the only answer I give these days.
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"Because I can." has been my standard for quite some time now. That pretty much covers it.
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The first thing I usually say is something along the lines of "there were no part time kindergartens" or something else to the effect that I feel that full time school is too long.
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Because I don't like to get up before 9 in the morning.

(I live in a very homeschooling-friendly community, I don't get the 3rd degree about it.)
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Can you imagine me sending her to West Virginia public schools! That's probably a tad rude, but seriously there's no way I'd send her there.
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We like it.

My reasons are so varied and complicated at this point that I don't like getting into them. And some of them would be seen as criticisms of public school, since homeschooling is something you do instead of school (and it's radically different). I just like to keep it simple: We like it.
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My standard reply to most any comment about homeschooling (it's rare people actually ask "why?") is "It works really well for us" because it really, really does. And there is little people can say back to that. If people don't make any additional comment once I tell them we homeschool then I don't say anything about it working well for us because it would make me seem a bit defensive. I've also become better at changing the subject by asking about the person I'm talking to (usually I start asking something about their kid(s), if they have any).

If I do give a reason, I go with flexibility. It's one of our main reasons and the one least likely to make others defensive. Plus it's kind of vague.
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"Because it works for our family."

I think this works for us as a response because it doesn't leave room for 'argument.' How can they argue with that. If I say things about the state of education, then they seize on the opportunity to debate me.

I was just telling a friend yesterday that I'm gonna have busn cards made up that say:

Answers to common homeschooling questions:

1 -- because it works for our family

2 -- we play in multi-age peer groups all the time

3 -- my children are not performing monkeys, please do not quiz them on what they know.

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No one has asked in ages, but "we like the lifestyle" is honest, positive and doesn't offend folks who use public schools.
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Short answer: "It's more fun! I was homeschooled myself."

People don't give me a hard time about it when they hear that I was homeschooled. Well, no one has yet, anyway.

The long answer is about how our method of home education is more in line with our parenting philosophy and can better prepare our sons for a bright future than could an out-of-home school.
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Originally Posted by incorrigible View Post
"Because I can." has been my standard for quite some time now. That pretty much covers it.
I use this one too.
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I feel like a neewbie since I'm "homeschooling for preschool" (and hopefully will continue as I educate DH). However, my first response is that it allows me to tailor learning to what interests my DS and in a style that allows him to learn quickly and easily.

If I use what's probably my #1 reason, because I LIKE being with my son, I want to take responsibility for his education, people act like I have a problem that I "can't" separate from my child.
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If it's someone random, I just say 'because it is the best choice for our family' if it's someone closer or whom I don't mind going further, I'll list a few of the other reasons but try to not say anything that will make them defensive or want to argue w/me.
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"Because we love it!"
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