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what can i do now

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my ds ( now 3.5) HAD the cp shot when he was 12-15 months old...

what can i do now? is there any way he can get them naturally now?
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in a word.... Yes.

see article:


"The 4-year-old boy was healthy and had received all of his shots, including the one for varicella three years before. But one morning at a day-care center in a small town near Concord, N.H., his body erupted in a rash and he was sent home.

The boy had chicken pox and had infected more than a dozen of his classmates with the illness, even though most had also received the vaccine. Within two months, another dozen would also be diagnosed with what was, until the 1995 licensure of the varicella vaccine, one of the leading causes of morbidity among children."

follow the link for more story.
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thx trabot.

so if a friends child gets chicken pox say next year, there is a likelihood he may be able to contract them and develop true immunity?

am just wondering since my sweet dd will NOT be getting this shot.
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based on various articles I have read, including the above post and I even think that there may have been postings here that the CP vax does not necessarily guarantee no chicken pox. I have no idea what strain of cp there is out there and how it plays with your dc's vax... but I guess what I'm saying is that it is not impossible for you vaxed child to get cp.

I skipped the vax for my ds as I would prefer him to get a real case and have total immunity.

but that's me.
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My girlfriend's dd had the cp shot at age 4 or 5 and got chicken pox at age 6. So it is possible.....
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Natural Immunity Project

All that everyone here has said points to a need for those that are enlightened about natural immunity to form parent groups that can relay to each other information about childhood diseases in their area. This is what I am trying to do here in Central NC. It is difficult because of the politically charged aspect of this issue, but the time for activism is NOW. We must halt the spread of death and chronic disease that these vaccines are causing.

Due to simple luck my son now has immunity to measles because of a simple plane ride.

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