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Braxton hicks HOW early!?!!??

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Okay, this might sound crazy...but I SWEAR it feels like I'm having BH off an on...I'm barely even 5 weeks along!! But it's the EXACT same feeling that BH give...to a "T"! The tigthening but painless pressure feeling...weird! I've felt it off and on over the past week or so, but feeling it more often today. Mostly when sitting but today I felt it when standing, too. Is this just what subsequent pregnancy stretching/growing feels like?

My best friend had the doctor confirm that she was having BH from at *least* 6 weeks on, in 2 pregnancies. So it might not be common (at least I've never heard of it before) but I guess it happens!
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this time around i started noticing BH at 20weeks.
5weeks does seem early but maybe ask your doc?

first og i felt movements from 15weeks and 2nd time around 13weeks so you do generally notice all these things a lot earlier in subsiquent pregnancies

all the best!
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I won't be seeing an OB/MW until the first of te year so I guess I'll have ot sit patiently. LOL This is my 4th pregnancy and I've never felt this before, with DD or with my 2 losses. it's just SO crazy because it feels exactly like miniature BH! LOL
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I and several mother I know had cramping and contractions aroud weeks 5-7. I lost 3 of those pregnancies, but I didn't lose this one and my friends did not lose theirs, so it doesn't necessarily mean miscarriage. It's perfectly normal at this stage and should stop soon.
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Interesting. Anyone else have thoughts/opinions?
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Mine started around 6 weeks this preg. Freeked me out a bit but my midwife assured me it was normal. and now i am 21 weeks and they are regular. so i hope that you aren't freaking out
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IME, you start feeling that kind of thing earlier and earlier with each pg. I wasn't quite as early as you are, but I was maybe 10 or 11 weeks when I was feeling BH. Before that, I was crampy, but it wasn't the same thing. Since they started, I've had lots of BH through this pregnancy, and for the first time, prodromal labour.
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Thanks everyone! I'm just now (as in, about 5 minutes ago) starting to feel crampy off and on for the first time this pg (always a scary thing for me...), but the BH feeling is so weird to have felt before the rest! Glad others have experienced it! How weird to have something like that start so early!
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