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Menses and Growth Poll - Page 3

Poll Results: Please answer the questions. :)

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 7% (49)
    Early menses, short adult height
  • 6% (42)
    early menses, average
  • 3% (25)
    early menses, tall
  • 8% (56)
    average menses, short
  • 12% (84)
    average menses, average
  • 8% (57)
    average menses, tall
  • 2% (15)
    late menses, short
  • 3% (22)
    late menses, average
  • 3% (22)
    late menses, tall
  • 9% (67)
    stopped growing shortly after menses
  • 8% (56)
    stopped growing at around age 17-18 regardless of menses
  • 4% (30)
    continued to grow until early adulthood (18-20 or more)
  • 5% (36)
    age of menses has nothing to do with height
  • 1% (12)
    age of menses has everything to do with height
  • 15% (108)
    have no clue if it affects height or not
681 Total Votes  
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I started when I was 11, the same year I grew half a foot (to 5'6"). I reached my full adult height (5'8") at 13.

My breasts are still growing, alas. I'm 36.
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Originally Posted by frog View Post

My breasts are still growing, alas. I'm 36.
I wish that were true for me. Mine have actually shrunk in the last few months, and Im still BF! :
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IME, girls who had early menses had an accompanied early growth spurt, and reached a "normal for tham" adult height very young. They were VERY tall for their ages for a while.
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I was 12, and I stopped growing shortly after, I'm 5'5.
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My mom got it early and is short, I got it average and am average, dd got it late and is average
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Originally Posted by beansricerevolt View Post
I wish that were true for me. Mine have actually shrunk in the last few months, and Im still BF! :
If it were contagious, I'd GLADLY pass it along to you.
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I started at 13 and grew taller until I was 19.

I hope you tell your teacher the results of this poll.
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Darn! I didn't see it was multiple choice. I started my period right when I turned 12, and I am 5 foot 7 so I'll call that tall. Back in the 70's and early 80's I was one of the tallest girls in my class! (They seem to be growing a LOT taller nowadays though!) I think I stopped growing in height by 18 or so but I'm not 100% sure on that, it could be later. I did grow VERY fast though, put on several inches in a year one year. Hope that helps!
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i started my period when i was 10 and didn't stop growing until i was 17 or so...i'm 5' 8".
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I was already as tall as I am now (5'10") when I got them, at age 13. So I guess I did stop growing around then!
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I was 14 when my menses started. I am 5 feet tall. I'm not sure how short I was at age 14, and if I continued to grow taller after menses. I believe I did, but I answered that I had no clue.
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I got my first menses at age 12 and I am 5'7". I was about 5'4" and continued to grow until about 17.
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I started my period at 9. I had just turned 9 in fact. I had always been way taller than any other girl in my classes until then. The Dr.s predicted I would be 5'10 at least. I totally stopped growing at age 9. In fact I found a cheerleading uniform from 5th grade and it still fits (well with the pregnant belly overhang). I am 5'4. I have a very long torso in comparision to my legs- its like they should have kept growing but didn't. My sister hit puberty at 12 and is a good 2 inches taller than me even though she is smaller boned.
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Had my first period at about 14 and that is about the time I stopped growing. I am 5'3"
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I was about 12 1/2 when menses began. I am short-ish, 5' 3" (on a good day), I was really tiny so I am sure I didn't stop growing shortly after menses. I think I kept growing slowly until about 16 or 17 years old, maybe a little longer, it's hard to tell. I started college at 17 and I don't think I grew more since then, but maybe it's just a mental line in the sand I have drawn, I don't know. I never had any type of growth spurt like some kids who seem to just shoot up in height.

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Originally Posted by s_kristina View Post
I don't think I really agree with the definition of early here. I started at age 8 shortly before my 9th birthday. To me the idea of someone starting at 12 being early is just hilarious. Compared to the rest of my family I am very short at 5'6". I think starting very early like I did probably has more to do with the bones capping young and all as I was over 5' when I started. My sister on the other hand was 12 when she started and like I said I don't consider that early. She is over 6' and fits right in with our tall family.
I agree, I thought 12 was average. Never would have thought of it as early. When I was like 12.5 when I had mine, all my friends had got theirs already, well most of them. I definitely wasn't one of the "early" ones. I bloomed pretty late in all those ways compared to my schoolmates. I was small, scrawny, didn't get breasts until like 10th grade, period definitely wasn't considered early at the time, pubic hair I was a little behind everyone, underarm hair, all that stuff. So that 12 is "early menses" that seems so weird.
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Late menses, tall.

I was 15 when I started, and 5'3. I grew four inches, in two months, after I started to end at 5'8. And I didn't grow at all, after I was 16.

But, everyone else on my mom's side of the family was late, because we all started at about 14/15, and they range from 5'2 to 5'6.

Interesting theory.
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I started just before I turned 15. I am short (5'2")--but I was REALLY short until I got my period (like, 4'9"). I grew 3 inches that year and another 2 and change during high school.

My SIL got her period when she was 9--she was around 5'4" THEN and never grew anymore. Exactly like what LoveChild explained (hey...are you my SIL? ).
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I was 10 or 11 when I started my menses and I am now 6 feet tall. I did not reach that height until I was about 16 or 17, 72 to 84 months after.

I think genetics is far more important!
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age 10 for menses, 5'3" which I deemed average. I was 5'2" at 10, so for me the theory works.
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