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fabric co ops?

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What fabric co ops do you belong to? I am so sick of what is available to me around here at Joanns!
I really would love organic fabrics if possible.
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Do you have a Hancock's? I just bought some organic bamboo from them. I think it's regularly 12.99, but there's usually a 40% off coupon.
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I agree w/you Marisa. I don't have many options around here except JoAnn's and even with all of their gazillion fabrics, I can sometimes come out with nothing!
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same here
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Dharma trading has fabric by the yard or bolt. Dye your own!
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I don't even have a Joann's here I too am interested in hearing where others get their fabrics from. Dharma is a good idea, I have some clothes from there.
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I belong to a few different fabric co-op groups.

Some will run organics from time to time, but it's rarer than other fabrics.

Here are my favs:

All Natural Fabrics (Michelle is FABULOUS and ships really quickly - some coop groups can be kinda slow)

chloefabrics (haven't actually ordered through this one yet - waiting for my fabric budget to increase It has great patterns that I hope to buy for DD's clothing)

This-End-Up (again, I haven't ordered yet, but became a member to be able to purchase fabrics & notions for sewing diapers)
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hi I belong to a couple yahoo groups that do organic fabric co-ops

As someone else mentioned allnaturalfabrics is a great coop.

then I also belong to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lovinbundles/
which also a great one. they also run other things too. Like Klean Kanteens and patterns. Right now they are running a organic terry, jersey co-op.

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Thisendup is great. I have ordered from her in the past and been very happy!
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