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I agree - I thought this was a little bit of "can't win for losin'" - but it was wonderful to read that the Muslems are struggling with this issue - just as we and all the other cultures of the world seem to be . . .
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"If it was so unIslamic, then why did the Iraqi's show pictures of dead disfigured corpses themselves?"

Seems that moral or religious principles go out the window when you want to achieve a political goal. On both sides. What's surprising about that, I wonder.
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Originally posted by mahdokht
Muslims don't all think the same way, there are over about a billion of us in the world. Islamic law is not as cut and dry as the extremists and sensationalists would like to make it out to be. So some Muslims can feel that it is unislamic while others can argue that it is perfectly ok and not be hypocrites.
So much joins all of humainty regardless of their cultural or religious differences!
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Dear dentente,

Seems that most Iraqis have no means of expressing themselves whatsoever. At least not yet. I am sure the liklihood is now better because of the invasion BUT, the few Iraqis interviewed by non-american journos have declared that they are still subject to night time raids and searches JUST LIKE WHEN SADDAM WAS AROUND.
I beg to differ. Iraqis have the means and have been expressing themselves on the Internet and in blogs for some time now, since before the war (and even before that!.) Most of their thoughts are in Arabic but a few of them speak fluent English and write in both. Others get people who can speak English to translate their blogs for them. Here are a few sites for you to search:


There are more but the links are at my home computer and I am at work now. Granted this isn't the majority of the people in Iraq but it gives you an interesting look into their daily lives and thoughts. Most of these are people with access to a computer and Internet so they are more affluent than those who I would like to hear from the most. The poor in those far off villages, the Kurds, the children, those wounded. Anyway, just some interesting daily reading for you if you are interested.
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I am very interested. Thank you. And yes, these people do seem to be better off than most.

Really great links.

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