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My 3 almost 4 yo nurses only a couple times a week now. I am currently in southwest Arkansas but moving to Northeast Louisiana soon. I do not know anyone around here that has nursed past 18 months. I did have several wonderful moms set good examples nursing their toddlers/preschoolers at the LLL meetings I attended when ds1 was a baby up in central Arkansas.
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We are new to SC.

My ds will be 3 in 8 days!! Wow. I can almost not believe it. Sometimes he looks at me and says, " I love your boobs mama."
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Winchester MA. Still nursing. She will be three Dec 8. I dont know anyone who is nursing over one year at the moment. I hate that my family tries to tell my baby that if she wants to be a big girl she has to stop doing nannie's. This is highly offensive to my child. She desperately wants to be "a big girl" I dont know any other big girls to show her that nurse too.Anyone near here?
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I live near Kansas City, my dd will be 3 next month and shows no signs of weaning.
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My twin girls will be 4 in February, and they still nurse 2-4 or so times a day...more like 4. We are in Alabama. They love it and are veeerrryyy slowly slowing down. At this rate I am thinking they will nurse before high school every morning

Seriously, it is so worth it and I have no idea how people make it with multiples without bf
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Originally Posted by brackin View Post
I'm here in the DEEP south, nursing a 5 y.o. I definitely have the oldest nursling I know!
You're in the south too? I meant to add I am the only one I know in person..or maybe I did add that.
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Originally Posted by Mama2ABCD View Post
i'm in northern AL (a few miles from the TN state line). My dd is 3 1/2 and nursing is still a big part of her life. Her oldest brother just recently weaned at 7yrs 4 mos, and the 2nd brother is 6yrs and hasn't asked to nurse in over a week(wonder if he'll notice).
I've met a few other mom's IRL nursing 3 yr olds.

As far as nursing the older ones, unless you are nursing out in the open, it doesn't really come up in conversation. I like to think that there are many more out there nursing IRL.
I am in North Al a few miles from the TN line too! I agree it just doesn't come up much in conversation, and we don't usually NIP now simply because they are busy when we are out and can wait a bit. I really hope there are many more out there...sigh.

Oh, and I am 47, so this will be interesting to see how menopause goes with them still attached...lol.
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West of Portland, OR. Sil is still nursing dn who is 4 mo younger than dd... some of her buddies in class are still nursing at 3.
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DoubleBirdies, i'm in New Market which is in northeastern Madison County. Where are you?
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Ds will be four in April...still nursing 1-3 times a day...and more if sick. We're from Minnesota but living in India since August. DD (now 6) nursed till age 4. DS talks about "stopping nummies" all the time...almost always claiming that his last day is "Thursday"...

I had a raging and horrible mastitis infection last week (kind of prone, though it's been a while) that popped up out of no where. I was really sick and DS was sooooo concerned. "Mama, which bweast is infectioused? (Sighs, shakes head sadly, pouts lips) "maybe I get you some nice tea or medicine?"

I have my days that I wish he was done...but I can see that he really will be one day soon and I'm probably going to bawl like a baby!

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Nursing my 3 y 2 month dd here in baltimore.
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DD will be 3.5 in three weeks. We're down to nursing to bed and usually once more at 5:30/6am. I am very ready to be done, but I'm glad we've gone this long.

I'm also in Baltimore.
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I've only been to these boards a handful of times, but now that I'm nursing a 4-year-old (49 months) and a 2-year-old (27 months), I could really use some support. I live in a crunchy-ish era but I don't know anyone nursing as long as I have been.

Last week I tandem NIP for he first time. No one saw but I'm still proud of myself!
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I just moved to Northern Virginia after 6 years in Germany. I'm nursing my 4 month baby and 3.3 year old preschooler. DS hasn't NIP in ages- mostly just at home for naps, bedtime, and on waking up, or while watching TV while the baby nurses too.

DS's EDIS therapists knew he was still nursing since he was about 2 and never batted an eye about it. I think I mentioned it to some other special needs moms while we were waiting to pick up our kids. Thats while I was still pregnant when DS was almost 3 and we were talking about pregnant woes, mentioned my poor boobs with DS nursing...they just got a little wide-eyed but took it in stride.
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still nursing my 28 month old here...

don't know any other moms in the area...

we are at metro dc area.
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I'm nursing a 3 and 5 yr. old....I know others who are nursing children older than 3, but no one IRL who's nursing more than one "REALLY OLD" child

I recently realized that I've been nursing continuously now for eight years. Not sure how I'm going to handle the transition into being a non-nursing mother someday. Bittersweet.
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Grand Rapids, MI. DD turned 3 last week! I only let her nurse twice a day, though, because I can't handle tandeming. I wish I could, but it drives me bonkers. DD is 3, DS is 4 months.
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