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Yay Massachusetts

SOOOO glad to see other nursing Mass mamas! We live in middlesex county. While my DD is only 27 months i will be nursing her until she said "mom i am all done nursing." I work in a pediatrics office, so i do see quite a few people nursing older toddlers - but i dont know anyone personally.

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Well, my youngest will be 3 in a couple of weeks, and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.
My oldest nursed until he was 3.5, and may have gone on longer, but he did not particularly like sharing it with his baby brother.
My mom nursed my little sis until she was 4.
We all live in central California.
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Hudson Valley area of NY and dd1 is 3.5.. I know of one other mom with children around my childrens' ages who nursed past 3 years old, but not sure for how long after. I know two other people who nurse their 2.5 year olds.
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Canada, nursing an almost 4 year old. :
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the burbs of Los Angeles, i know a few other clw moms. But most i know stop at a year. no one i know irl has gone past three years like i have
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from Israel with my 3+ little girl ... but was in NYC nursing my other children till they were 3&change (first weaned at 3yo, the next two weaned at about 3.5).

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DD turns 4 next month and we're still nursing. I'm near Amarillo, TX. I could easily believe she's the oldest nursling for several counties around. But back in AZ (I was living in Tempe until a few months ago) I knew one mama who weaned at 4 and one who weaned one of her DC at 7.
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not doing so anymore, but was in northeastern CT and had friends doing so in central CT and southeastern PA.
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Wowsa, YAY! so glad to "see" all of you. And, yeah, I know I can't actually find a "trend" in the real sense. More a feeling about it, y'know?

Makes sense that with the older ones fewer of us are nursing in public as much so we don't find each other as much as those nursing baby babies.

Honestly, I found myself not getting involved in LLL because even there it seemed really unusual to be nursing a child older than 2ish. I danced in and out thinking that more of "us" ought to stick around to show how it's a great thing, but, it just didn't work out.

I'm looking forward to even more mamas signing on here...

I wonder if our kiddos have similar personality traits? Or, we do? Hmmm...

What makes a nursing mama and kiddo pair decide to nurse as long as the child wants to nurse?

Hmmm... thinking 'bout it...
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Charlton, Massachusetts nursing a 16 month old and a 4 year old.
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Just east of Seattle, nursing an almost-5 and a 1 1/2. I do have the oldest current nursling I personally know.

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I'm in western NY tandem nursing a soon to be 4 year old and a 26 month old. One thing I have noticed recently, I can nurse my daughter anywhere and no longer think about it. When my son was her age I was a lot more self conscious in certain public situations to nurse (not that I did not nurse him if it was needed at the time, I just felt uncomfortable). It is nice not to feel like that anymore! I know very few people irl who have nursed past two, but I am lucky to know a few, including one who is past 5 and also a tandem situation with a younger sibling.
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Originally Posted by SereneBabe View Post
I wonder if our kiddos have similar personality traits?

Um ... I don't think so ...

Just going by my b'H 4 kids (all nursed till 3&change) and how wildly different they each are from each other ...

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south alabama here.... ds just turned 3 and still nursing strong. I know one other mom who is nursing a toddler.
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'Burbs East of Seattle here. My DD is 4 years, 3 months right now. She still loves to nurse. I know at least one other mama out here IRL that still nurses her 4-1/2 year old, but I met her through MDC!
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Starflower --

You know another Eastside mama who nurses a 4-year-old? We should have a Huge Nurslings playgroup or something! :-p

mama to Thales, 4 1/2, and Lydia, 18 months
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I'm in southern Indiana, nursing a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old. I definitely feel alone here. All the moms I know weaned at one year because that's what the doctor recommended. Now my mom did nurse my little brother till he was three but I've never known anyone who nursed beyond that.
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In Texas tandem nursing my 4 year old and almost 16 month old.

Long cry from the woman who would NEVER breastfeed because it was so disgusting.
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My DS is almost 3.5 and I'm in Maryland. My other friend nursing a 3-ish year old and I joke that we're the only people we know IRL who have nurslings "this old"!
Even our other crunchy friends all dropped off at about age 2.
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I am in a little town near Olympia, WA - I am nursing my 4 year old dd, and her two best friends - 3 years and 4 1/2 years old - are still nursing, too!!!
But these are the only children I know IRL that are still nursing.
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