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Best Double Stroller for Toddlers?

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I'm trying to find a stroller for two 2-year-olds to nap in. After spending several hours looking online and in stores, I'm desperate for some advice. It seemed like a lot of the ones I saw had a short seat in the front, making it uncomfortable for a child to nap there due to the seat not being high enough to provide adequate head support. I'm also having trouble finding a stroller with both seats able to recline.
Any suggestions?
Thanks :
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I have a Peg Perego Aria MT and the seats recline fully and my twins have napped in it. BUT I do not really recommend it b/c it is hard to push and steer now that my duo are getting bigger (26 and 21lbs).
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(not a mom of twins, just a wrangler of small children with a few double strollers)
Look for a side-by-side. Something like a Maclaren would be narrow enough to fit through doorways yet has high weight limits and good seats for napping.
I have a SBS jogger too, and both my kids nap great in there. It's a BOB.
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Mountain Buggy Urban Double. It meets the under 30" requirement for door, both seats recline, and now that my children are over thirty pounds each, I can *still* push it with one hand while pulling a grocery cart full of food. Good luck finding something that works well for you!
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I love my Mountain Buggy Urban Double... my 2year olds have plenty of room in it, and my 5 yo can even hitch a ride on the footrest if he gets tired of walking. It goes everywhere, both seats recline and it steers SO easily!

Good luck! I was pretty committed to finding just one VERY good stroller for my girls (as opposed to four really cheap, clunky, hard to steer strollers for my son) because I knew I'd be using it more with them. It always seemed easier to just carry/wear my singleton, but that's not an option for me with toddler twins. The MBUD costs a lot more than I would usually pay for baby gear (OK, a TON more... as I am of the garage sale/thrift store mentality when it comes to kid's clothes and gear) but it is worth every penny. It gives us freedom to get out of the house, which (as the Mastercard commercial says) is priceless.
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I have an older peg duette

I wanted the older model, because the tires are bigger and do not swivel. (pre 2002) The snow gets deep here sometimes and swivel tires can be a pain in snow. The seats are very large, you can sit facing each other, facing mom or facing forward. My twins who are 3 are still quite comfortable in the stroller with lots of room to grow. My stroller has been used every day and is still like new.
I purchased mine on ebay for $75, but I have seen them advertised on Craigslist and kijiji quite often as well.
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Mountain Buggy Urban Double ROCKS! both seats recline; and it's still big enough for my almost 4 year olds, but I can still operate it with one hand.

They are pricy, but soooooo worth it. Actually, the only piece of baby junk I bought that has actually been worth every cent.
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I have a BOB Doulie, and we just used it at Disney with our 4 year olds. The seats are nice and tall (they could still use the canopy!), and the seats are well divided, giving each boy his own space. Some double joggers are essentially one large seat, which can lead to lots of fighting. My older BOB has a fixed wheel, and is too big for doors, but I think the newer ones will fit.

Baby Joggers are also really nice...the fold is amazing! So easy to do!

I would NOT get a tandom stroller (front/back)....way too hard to push.
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I used a Graco DuoRider side by side, and loved it, but that was 8 years ago. Both seats reclined, and it was fairly lightweight and easy to maneuver, although I am not sure how they might have changed.
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Originally Posted by royaloakmi View Post
Mountain Buggy Urban Double ROCKS! both seats recline; and it's still big enough for my almost 4 year olds, but I can still operate it with one hand.

They are pricy, but soooooo worth it. Actually, the only piece of baby junk I bought that has actually been worth every cent.
can you use the Mountain Buggy with newborns? How far does the seat recline?
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I'd second theMBUD,but I don't actually have one. I ended up with a Valco double - which is fantastic! easy to push, seats recline,fits through doorways. I got mine on craigslist - so it wasn't quite as painful to the wallet as it could have been.
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Hi, I use a Contour Tandem stroller by Kolcraft. The seats fully recline, and you can change where they face any direction; eachother; away from eachother; both facing you; both facing forward (which was a big feature for me. I didn't think it was fair for one to have to look at the back of the other.) and you can fit 2 car seats. Its very affordable, $199, and the second car seat attachment (you have to call to order it) was only $35 w/ shipping. Some moms complain that it is too big and bulky, but I have to say i am extremely happy with it. It is very long, but I think it is worth it. Perfect for shopping because the bottom basket it enormous, and it fits most car seats. Good Luck!
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I had an Aria, which was ok after the kids could hold their own heads up (after 3months about), I never really liked that stroller so after they got too heavy in that, I got the side by side Baby Jogger. It's amazing! Best sleeping position, totally easy to maneuver with ONE hand, makes life livable. We still use it at 4.5yo (but the kids are growing out of it at this point). It was worth every penny.
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I have the Combi Twin LX (here is a link to what it looks like http://www.combistrollers.com/Produc...&productID=505) and i LOVE it! Its very adjustable. Would have worked for my twins as newborns (came home at 4 lbs each) and works well now at 13 1/2 months. Due to the adjustability, I can tell it will work well for another few years. It will carry 90 lbs total (up to 45 lbs per seat). Also, it folds up so small. First it folds down then the sides fold in together and its just a little bigger than a single umbrella stroller!

There are 2 things i dont love about it.

1 - the baskets are not big enough. but thats a sacrifice i had to make for a portable, LIGHT twin stroller.

2 - it does not have a bar the goes between the legs so i cant sit them both in and then buckle them. if i do that, they slide down and out of the stroller lol

Anyway, they have both slept very peacefully in this stroller and its so light and easy to push. i can push this stroller with 1 hand and pull a grocery cart with the other pretty easily. Oh and i love the color Ours is plum! If you have 2 girls theres a gorgeous pink one!! Theres also a beautiful aqua one! Mine are b/g twins and i love purple, i was pleased with how neutral the plum is Not "girly" KWIM?

Anyway good luck and let us know what you get!!!

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I also have a Combi twin stroller and love it. I have the green (Wasabi) color and love the look. One other thing that I like is that it stands up and is stable when folded and has a carry strap. It is very adjustable and the kids really enjoy riding in it. It is easy to push and turns on a dime!
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