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Safest infant seat?

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I would buy a Britax, but they don't have any models available right now. I definately want one with a 5-point harness that is not a convertible.

Any suggestions?
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Well, all the seats on the market meet the safety standards, so the question really becomes what is the safest seat for your car, that you can get the best and the tightest fit with. A big part of this is comparison shopping at a store that will actually let you try installing the seat in your car. The other part is taking the seat to a firehouse or police station or whoever does car seat installation checks locally and having a certified car seat safety person check your installation.

That said, here are a couple of resources that I relied on when I was doing my research last year:

http://www.car-safety.org/guide.html (see also the links at the bottom of this page)


The best place to do research and ask questions is:

Baby Bargains Book discussion boards

A couple of car seat techs spend a lot of time on this board and have a lot of great information posted.
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I guess no one makes a car seat that isn't also a carrier anymore, do they? I don't want anyone to have any reason to not take baby out and carry hir in arms/sling.
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Originally posted by pjlioness
I guess no one makes a car seat that isn't also a carrier anymore, do they? I don't want anyone to have any reason to not take baby out and carry hir in arms/sling.
We felt the same way. We did get the carrier seats (graco snugride), but only used them as carriers from house to car and back when it was *really* cold outside. It was nice to be able to bundle the babes up in a warm seat.

Other than that we always left the seats in the car, even if the babies were sleeping. If you feel strongly about not using the carseat as a carrier, then don't use it that way .

My babies were big enough for their britax roundabouts at 3 months.

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You're right that there aren't any infant car seats that aren't also carriers. There are convertable seats appropriate for infants in the rear facing position, but if it's for a tiny baby, even those are bigger than many parents are comfortable with.

I agree that you simply don't have to use your car seat as a carrier if you don't want to. We didn't. I did carry him in and out of the house in it sometimes, but I got him out of it as soon as I could. I also used it in shopping carts because my DS hates the sling, but if it were physically possible for me to hold him, I did.

However, I did take the seat into the house with me every time we got home, even if I carried it in separately from him. I like the fact that it never gets too hot or too cold inside the house. I left it in the car a few times, and I didn't like the way the seat was so cold the next time we left. (My baby was born in January.)
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We had a Britax Roundabout for ds when he was born, but despite what they say about it being okay from 5lbs., he didn't fit into it until he was past 9lbs. It would have needed one more lower shoulder position and slots for the hip strap that were closer to the back to even come close. (He was 4lbs. 10oz. at birth.) This baby will be about average, as far as we can tell, and we use the car enough that I want the first car seat to be a good fit. We didn't have a car of our own - we were in the NYC area -when ds was born, so the seat was just for the car service home and occasional rentals. Fortunately we only needed it a few times when it was too big, but I was always so nervous about his safety in it before he fit well.
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We have the Graco Snugride, and I also got a Graco Comfortsport for my other car. We used the Snugride (carrier) most of the time when she was really little, but the CS fit her by the time she was a few weeks old (8.4 at birth). Just remember that YOU are the one who controls when she is in the carrier! Our DD wasn't just put in it for long lengths of time. I like to use a sling when shopping anyway
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Got the SnugRide.

I went ahead and got the Graco SnugRide today - the $69.95 one. It doesn't have the head support insert, but we have one that will match the cover from when ds was a baby. It would be nice to have one strap to tighten and a button to loosen the straps, as w/ the Roundabout, but I'm not sure that those features and the not-very-soft headrest and strap covers are worth the 30 extra bucks. Plus, if this kid decides to outgrow the seat quickly....

The funny thing is that ds is, at 2y8mo, approx. 33" and 22lbs. He could have been in an infant seat like this one (up to 20lbs and 26") for most of his life. The irony. Watch, baby #2 will outgrow this seat in two months. The two will probably look like twins by the time #2 is 1&1/2y. :

Just remember that YOU are the one who controls when she is in the carrier!
Oh, I know. I just expect to get harassed by M/FIL for not making things easier on myself (or the poor sleeping baby) by using it as a carrier. (We didn't have that w/ds, as he was in a convertible from the start.) The are rather uncomfortable/unhappy with the way we are parenting (EBF, co-sleeping, CD-ing, slinging....), as well as our lifestyle in general (organic/natural foods, earth-friendly cleaners....). They don't get why anyone would go out of their way to live differently...we make things hard on ourselves as far as they are concerned.
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