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Toot Sweet

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Great customer service and communication for her slings brought me back for a wool cover. This mama has it going on! I feel confident that she can answer questions about the construction and use of her products from a position of experience and authority. There are lots of covers, diapers and slings out there ... These have special, original touches with thought and ingenuity behind them.

Toot Sweet products are well-made and gorgeous to boot. DD demands "Sling (on your) back, Mama!" whenever the opportunity arises.
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I ordered 3 diapers from Tootsweet when it first opened. They were gorgeous and very absorbent. I got the larges and felt they did run a little small. One of them was much smaller than the other 2. I contacted Tabitha about them and she informs that she has improved her diaper's fit and they no longer run as small. She also offered to replace the one that was much smaller. I am excited to try the new, improved large, also.

Tootsweet offers unique, gorgeous, natural materials. Customer service is excellent and prompt. Tabitha answers any and all questions regarding her products. I plan to order more diapers, if the fit is good, a sling, and possibly a wool cover in the future. Tootsweet gets an A+ from me.
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Toot Sweet

These diapers are just soooo sweet! Beautifully made fitted diapers in the most unusual and lovely fabrics/ prints. Tabitha was so sweet to work with and I will definately be back for more and cannot wait to try the wool covers too. Be sure to get on the e-mail list so you know when special orders are being taken! I have one custom order in the Japanese dragons and calligraphy print--awesome, two from the in stock store and one batik sent as a special treat! :0 Thanks Tabitha! Highly recommend!!!
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I have purchased several

diapers and one cover from Toot Sweet and I have to say that the cover is a perfect fit on my 21 pound son. The diapers are a bit small but Tabitha has assured me that the size large is a bit larger now and she sent me a sample too! The new large fits like a glove and we love these diapers, she has so many wonderful prints, really fast service and opens for custom orders periodically. I am very pleased with my purchases and will continue to purchase from this outstanding wahm. I need one more cover and a few more new large sized diapers. These are so cute and fit so well!!
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This WAHM mamma is amazing. She has been super helpful and super accomodating!! Her products are beautifully made. Her slings are fantastic. I have the pouch and it is the best sling I own (and I own quite a few). It is easy convenient, and lightweight. It can fit into any bag I have. I have the chinese back pack but I haven't tried it yet. It is so beautiful. My friend has the Podegi and she is really pleased with it.
I have one of her diapers and I am kicking myself for not purchasing more. It is by far my most beautiful diaper. It fits dd perfectly, absorbs really well, and is made of top quality material. I have yet to see a diaper of such quality.
Again Tabitha has been such a pleasure to work with!
I give her 2 thumbs up.
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I love my toot sweet. I got a fitted from Tabitha, and it is beautiful. It is brown Cord and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!
Tabitha is a super sweet momma to work with. I have got to go snag a few more wipes!!!
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