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I am 35.5 weeks pregnant and keep telling myself that I am going to quit sugar and chocolate and all the nasty stuff the last month of my pg. so that I feel amazing when I give birth for the first time. This is def. what I need and this thread will give me the extra support to help curb the cravings. I get soooooo hungry but need to reach for the right stuff!
I am in and look forward to lending support and reading everyones posts
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I'm in. I'm starting (well, resuming) an exercise program starting then too so it'll work well. I'm a sort-of TF'er too... I think I'll be getting more TF-y for the winter.
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I'm in. I need to go "lower" carbs as well, but DH will be travelling until the middle of October and wants to join me, so we will start when he is back. No sugar is a good place for me to start now and work towards eating less carbs and more nutrient dense foods.
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I started today and feel great. Well, I had one square of Endangered Species chocolate but that was all. I went to a brunch this morning with really good desserts and I resisted.
I feel good about this and am excited!
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Originally Posted by jalilah View Post
BTW There is a type of bread called Manna bread that has no sugar no flour.It is made from sprouted grains and seeds. It is slightly sweet and has a cakey texture. You can apparantly have it on an anti candida diet.
I actually tried making that myself once. It had a sweet taste.
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for the ideas and recipes
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How is everyone doing?
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i'm in.

i think. i'd love to see those 144 evils of sugar for motivation...
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