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So while i've got the ball rolling, i'm trying to convince DH to get rid of a few of his billions of t-shirts. Of course, they're hard to get rid of because they have sentimental value. They are mostly concert/band t-shirts. He's had them *forever.*

So since they are so sentimental to him... i want to find a way to make them functional. He's never going to wear them. They are hideously tie-dyed and just plan ugly... so i want to make something out of them.


I was thinking perhaps some sort of blanket/throw? Do you think t-shirt fabric will hold up to that sort of use? What can you make out of t-shirts?
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I've seen that done before, actually...turning them into a kind of quilt. They're not thick enough on their own but if you do it right it'll last forever. Cut them into your squares, then sew them into 2 equally sized pieces. Use an insulting layer between them (makes a really warm blanket, and adds strength. Thats the last forever detail) then sew the three pieces together with that insulating layer in the middle. It will also last longer of you edge the whole blanket in something too.
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Well, I saw someone make a quilt out of old T-shirts. She just cut the picture, logo, etc. off the front and used that to make up the squares of the quilt. It looked cute when it was finished. I don't know how well it held up though.
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i've also wanted to make one out of some old tshirts. if u find a pattern of sorts, let me know.
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