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red spot on 1 year old's tongue

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Hi!! My 1 year old daughter has a bright pink spot about the size of a dime to nickel on the middle of her tongue towards the back. The rest of her tongue has a slightly white tinge to it, but there is a definite border on that spot. She is eating and drinking fine. I noticed it 2-3 days ago. It doesn't seem to bother her.
Any ideas on what it is????

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Sounds like what my dd2 has: Geographic Tongue. It's a possibility. I kept thinking she had thrush as an infant because I didn't know what else it could be. Her ped told me it was Geographic Tongue, also commonly known as Map Mouth. Anyway here's a link that may be informative to determine if this what is going on with your dc or if it's something else: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/geo...tongue/DS00819

She never complains of it hurting, fortunately, and she doesn't get it nearly as often now, she's 4 1/2. Good luck!
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yep, i was just about to answer the same...

i have a geographical tongue, myself...i've had it all my life. my daycare thought i had chickenpox ON MY TONGUE, lol...

it's very sensitive...when i was younger, i couldn't eat citrus at all. now, just a little bit or i break out. spicy food was then a no-no, but now i eat hotter food than anyone i know. literally.

nuts and citrus are the most painful for me...will swell the patches and make my tongue sore for a full day.
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my ds has this too, his docs said it doesn't hurt but when it is really bad he will cry and say his tongue is all itchy, he is 4 now. Tomato sauce really hurts his and citrus juice, his tongue cycles usually 3-5 times a month.
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Wow!!! I knew someone here would know!! I really wonder if that's what it is. There are actually 2 spots that do change their borders somewhat! I have looked up more info on it... so interesting!! Thank you all so much!

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did she get the MMR vaccine lately?

could be Koplik spots - measles would follow.
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She actually did receive the MMR about 2 weeks ago, but the spots are not on the insides of her cheeks... only her tongue... now they are gone. hmmm.... it's always something with little ones... keeps us on our toes!!
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