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We tried the Oak Meadow online program with teacher support last year for my son's 7th grade. The actual curriculum we liked, but the online "support" was non-existant. We received no information from the school for a couple of weeks and only finally received contact from the online "teacher" after several e-mails and phone calls to the school. We then received some files about the program from a woman that stated she would be DS's teacher and how to send completed assignments to her.

DS completed the first round of assigments and sent them in to yet again receive no response. We tried several times to get in touch with the woman that was named as his "teacher" and nothing. Called the school, they verified the e-mail address and that she was still his teacher but offered no help beyond that. We continued to send in all his assignments and tests but did not receive responses. We complained on the online help board and noticed there were other complaints as well. Instead of solving the problem, the school ended up shutting down the help board.

After several months of this we e-mailed the school and told them to stop billing us for online help if they were not going to provide any. Once again, we received no response but after a couple more months of billing us they finally stopped billing for the online support.

This year DS switched to a different online school and we asked to have his transcripts sent from Oak Meadow. Oak Meadow had him listed as attending SIXTH grade there, when he was in SEVENTH and they listed him as never completing any of the course work.

All in all, I would never recommend anyone consider the online support option - it's a waste of money and a major source of aggrevation.