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Why is my 4 year old peeing all the time?

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Over the past few weeks DS, 4.5, has been peeing frequently. He will empty his bladder, and then have to go again 15 min. later. Then again in another half hour. etc. After the initial emptying of his bladder, just a few drops come out. Then maybe he will be okay and go without a bathroom trip for a couple of hours. He says there is no pain or itching or anything like that, and his penis looks normal, and so does the urine.

His preschool teacher first noticed this and we thought it was nerves, but then it was happening at home, too, so I took him for a checkup. Dr. found nothing wrong, urinalysis was negative.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I suppose I will take him back to the dr. but I was a little concerned about the dr.'s approach (he mentioned DS' foreskin was still tight and started talking about circumcision at age 6 if it doesn't retract, etc.!!!!!) I am afraid he is going to try to mess with DS' foreskin and make a mess of things.

So before I have to go back there and be all aggressive-like just to keep my son's problems from getting worse, I was hoping someone here might have some information or advice? TIA!
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We JUST went through this with my 5 yr old DS. Same exact scenario except even MORE frequent urination - as in sometimes 3-5 times in a 15 minute span!! Same as you, no infection, etc. DS is special needs (SPD as well as anxiety/OCD diagnosis) so we thought perhaps this had something to do with it - but actually that wasn't the case. Our Dr. (who is no holistic dr. by any means) was very relaxed about it and explained it as benign (sp?)/ common to boys his age. He said the best approach is to not make a big deal about it and if he is in school (he's not/we're homeschooling) to inform any teacher(s) and allow him unlimited potty access.

That being said, I was really getting a bit tense there when he would pee and come back to playing and LITERALLY turn around and run right back to the bathroom (so I feel your concern).

In all, it lasted about a month and now he's already not doing it anymore. So if you can, relax.

Also, I don't know if this would apply to you at all, but I noticed it stopped right around the time when we started the Feingold diet. Perhaps all the natural salycilates were affecting him or it is mere coincidence. Just hang in
there and things will be fine. Oh yeah, our DS isn't circumcised either - wanted to make sure I mentioned this.
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Thanks, Mama!

I found some articles online about the syndrome you are describing (Extraordinary Daytime Urinary Frequency). It sure fits the bill. I have a call into the dr. today but I will mention this and forgo any appts. for the time being. This started right when he began school earlier this month, so it seems to be a likely culprit. I will certainly look forward to this resolving itself. We can't go anywhere without having to pee before we get there, when we get there, while we're there, etc. :
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Yes, I've also btdt with my son, except his lasted waaaay longer. Now, at the age of 7, he has been free of this frequent peeing for well over a year. And what a relief! Just wait it out...
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