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Pelvic exam at 36 week appointment?

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I had an uneventful 34 week appointment yesterday. They mentioned that I'd be tested for GBS at my next (36 week) appointment, which I'm fine with. On the way out the door the nurse mentioned that I have a pelvic exam at the next appointment too! What? Why? Do they start checking for dilation that early? If that's the only reason, I'll refuse the exam but not the swab for GBS.

Is it common practice to do internal exams at 36 weeks & why?
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Well, the GBS trest itself is fairly invasive, it involves taking swabs of your vagina and anus, so that *might* be what she meant by "pelvic exam". Or, she might have meant that, while you're all nakey and in position for the GBS swab, the mw/doc will go ahead and check your cervix while their down there.
The best thing to do is, when you get to the appt, talk to the mw/doc and ask what exactly the standard is, and if you do not want any part of the standard care (for example, you want the vaginal/anal swab, but not an actual cervical check) just say so befroe you begin. BEFORE you begin means prior to being in the stirrups..talk eye to eye with the mw/doc.
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What she said.

I never had vaginal exams without permission while pregnant. My midwives didn't do them regularly anyway, but would if you wanted. I had her check me at 40wks with DS, bc I was curious. Not that it mattered, I was maybe 1cm and firm and all that but he was born 3 days later LOL.
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alot of docs/mws will let you go do your own swab for gbs in a private bathroom (mine did). you can do it as well as anyone! also, babies don't come out of the rectum so they shouldn't really need to do that swab, or so I was told.
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Why? I can't think of the slightest reason for a pelvic exam.
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During my last pg they offered me a pelvic exam when they did the GBS test, but said it wasn't standard. But apparently a lot of women ask them to check them while they're down there. I didn't find the GBS test to be invasive. At least at my office they do a quick vaginal swab, but I didn't even feel it and they didn't do a rectal swab at all.
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Thanks so much for the replies. It helps to know what's coming up so I can decide in advance whether I want it or not. I don't see any reason to check the cervix at 36 weeks so I'll probably skip that. Interesting that there are so many different ways to to the GBS test too.
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I had mine done apx. 2 weeks ago...and my OB was so non-chalant about it, you wouldn't even have known he did it.

He was standing at my side, and had finished measuring fundal height and listening to heart. He just raised my leg a little so he could get his arm under and just rubbed the q-tip down there for a second (vag only), and it was over. He offered to check if I wanted it, but I didn't see any reason for it and neither did he.

My OB didn't even use the stirups to do the GBS test.
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