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Not on this due date list, not even pg, but I had to comment. My last 3 pregnancies ice was an obsession. I don't even like ice normally as my teeth are very sensitive. It was totally CRAZY, I had my favorite place to get ice from and when I couldn't get it from those places I would crush ice in the blender and eat cupfulls at a time.

All three pregnancies my iron was checked and found to be at good levels. As soon as the baby was born the craving was gone.

As a side note, the three pregnancies that I had the ice craving with I also had gestational diabetes. These 3 were my biggest babies as well, 13 lbs, 10 lbs 2 ozs and 9lbs 7ozs.

Sorry I couldn't help much with this, but just wanted to share that I have so been there and understand completely.

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mmmm ice. I don't know what I would do without our little ice crusher in our firdge. At least it keeps me hydrated.
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We were completely out of ice last night, a serious crisis in our house right now .

I even walked 3 blocks to the closest gas station only to find out that they didn't sell it. I was super pissed :
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