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I have a 3 ring binder I have started compiling in the last month. I keep my lease info, current bills, any govt assistance paperworks, copies of insurance cards... I'm working on a master phone list and master cleaning list right now to insert once I'm done.
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Wow, you mamas are soooo cool!!! What programs are you using for your word docs and address/dates programs? I've never been able to find one I like and so keep handwriting them into calendars and address books.
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Just wanted to share this link for a free printable grocery list. I copied and pasted into an office document, then tweaked it to add in the staples I always have on my list. I printed off a few copies and put them in the meal planning section of my notebook. Printable Grocery List
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We have a household notebook. It is scrounged zippered binder with a National Guard logo on it. It is big, designed to hold 8" x 12" sheets of paper and has about a bazillion pockets and zippered sections. We call it the Hoo-Ha (like what Al Pacino said in "Scent of a Woman"... military thing... 'cause it's a National Guard notebook. : ) It lives in the wide shallow drawer of desk, which is where the computer and phone are, with the file cabinet right next to it, so it is like Command Central.

For me, the Hoo-Ha would not work if we had not actively reduced our paper by so much already. We have online bill pay, e-statements and e-bills. We are on two different "Do Not Junk" lists, and any junk mail that we do get we write "Return to Sender, Please Remove Me from Your Mailing List" on it and send it back. I have all kinds of other stuff on the computer, too, including the master grocery list/price book. (If anyone interested, it was a free download from Home Plan Software, and the name of the program is Shopping List.)

Our filing cabinet is full of stuff that we don't use on a daily or even weekly basis. Before we implemented the Hoo-Ha, our desk was overrun and constantly drowning in paper. Now, we have, in our desk:

Drawer 1: Phone Book and Hoo-Ha

Drawer 2 (Three Sections): Digital Camera in Case with Cable; Pens/Pencils/Markers; Pencil Sharpener, Pen Refills, Erasers

Drawer 3: Calculator, Ziploc Full of Rubberbands, Gladware Full of Thumbtacks, Tape Dispenser, Extra Tape in a Box, Scissors, Stapler, Extra Staples in a Box, Staple Remover, Three Hole Punch, Packing Tape

Drawer 4: Unused Loose Leaf, Unused Graph Paper, Flashlight, Walkie Talkies, Gladware Full of Batteries and Battery Charger

Drawer 5: Unused Printer Paper, Unused Printer Cartridge(s), All of Our Discs

And that is seriously all that is EVER in our desk. Before limiting paper and implementing the Hoo-Ha, I could clean out the desk once a week and it was still never clean.

The Hoo-Ha Contains:

Front Inner Pocket: Envelope with all DH's pay stubs

Next Zippered Pocket: A Bond for DD, DH's Grandma's obituary, an index card with a four leaf clover I found taped to it.

Next Pocket: Benefit Guides to our dental and vision insurance (these are tricky, so we use them a lot).

Row of Small Pockets: Two tiny notebooks of DH's (one for recipes, one for gardening stuff), 2-cent, 29-cent, and Forever stamps, my vision rx, a coupon to onehanesplace.com, DD's vax record, my dental appointment reminder, and our BCBS card.

One Loop: Pen; Other Loop: Mechanical Pencil

Next, in the binder part, we have our address book. I entered everybody's information into Word ( and cut and pasted it into my Draft box in my Yahoo email for safekeeping) and printed it out and put it in clear plastic protector sheets. This is nice, because when we get new numbers, we just slide a piece of paper out and write the number down. No more little slips! I do try to update and reprint periodically.

Also in clear plastic is a list of birthdays and anniversaries, and a one-month at-a-time calendar sheets printed from someplace online, with a menu and some appointments filled in.

Then there's my families flight info for their Thanksgiving visit.

Then, because we are planning remodeling, there's a clear plastic sheet full of magazine pages I pulled out and kept for ideas.

Then there's some graph paper kitchen drawings.

A budget.

A bunch of blank loose leaf and graph paper clipped in.

In the inner back pocket, there's the purchase agreement to buy this house from my parents. (Goes to the bank tomorrow!!)

In the outer, zippered back pocket, there's note cards and two kinds of envelopes- for the note cards, and the regular legal kind.

I just cleaned the Hoo-Ha out a few days ago, so right now, it could be unzipped and you could shake the hell out of and nothing would fall out. However, one of the reasons that's it's so nice that it's zippered is because in the rare event that we get a paper bill, or a paper check, or some important document or piece of mail that we are unsure what to do with, we just stick it in the Hoo-Ha. Having to search through a notebook for something, even if the notebook is full and messy, is not so bad. Having to clean out a notebook is a damn sight better than having to clean out a desk.
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i have a notebook, based on flylady's control journal. however, i find i just leave it out for guests/folks housesitting here. i don't use it so much myself! right now i need to seriously streamline. i have a mac computer, so here is what i've got going on:

we use ical, with different calendars in different colours....i set reminders that send me a little alarm message to remind me about regular things or appointments. i have two reminders for morning and evening routines, plus a weekly clean reminder - these link to a page at backpack, in which i have my routines written out and can just tick them off - the kids like to tick their routines off too, but i put their routines on the wall as well. these are flylady routines. then i have a program called midnight inbox, which i use for projects - any kind of project. it actually collects any emails, bookmarks, and ical entries, and then i can process them a la 'getting things done'. lastly, i try to keep quicken up-to-date and that has an option to click on 'ical' so that i can see regular bills in the 'money' calendar in ical. however, i have been a spreadsheet in apple's answer to excel, 'numbers' and i really find it easier. but of course it isn't linked to everything

i can synch ical so my partner's computer is always up to date, so we don't program conflicting appointments, using a .mac account.

however, i only use all of this technology because we use it for our work already!!! and now it is easy for me...but i'm sure paper would be easier if i didn't have it all in place for work! backpack is pretty great, though, and free.

oh, one last thing, i have macgourmet for menu planning + shopping lists!!

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bumping this. I saw someone asking about a binder and wanted to share all the great info in this thread.
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I actually started using an hPDA (http://wiki.43folders.com/index.php/Hipster_PDA) and printing sheets from diyplanner.com.

It's a brilliant idea - a bunch of index cards held together with a binder clip. Easy, portable, very modifyable, and cheap! (Staples has a great deal on blank index cards.)

I've also heard of people who hole punch one corner and keep the cards on a key ring. Apparently, you can even hole punch a credit card (avoid the magnetic strip) and voila! a do-it-all wallet you can carry with one finger.
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oo we like 43 folders. i do this, i punch all of the non-essential cards - the ones i don't use every day, and then i have them all together.

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I keep coming up w/more and more stuff to add to my notebook! Love the notebook!
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Originally Posted by sabrinat View Post
I keep coming up w/more and more stuff to add to my notebook! Love the notebook!
I've been working on mine for a little under a week and I already feel so much more organized and on-top of housework.
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So many great ideas! Nudnik, I loved that DIY site-thanks for sharing. His planner printouts are for a small binder. Are ya'll that take your binders out of the house using a small pocket size or a 8.5x11 size? I have a 1" larger size and it is a little cumbersome to carry, but as a lefty the smaller ones are hard for me to write in.

I'm still not understanding the card deal--you just keep it in a drawer or something? It's like the SHE system but on a ring rather than in a box? And it doesn't have a planner/calendar, just a list of tasks?
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I'm using a mead zipper binder that I think is 2". I don't mind toting it around. I'm used to carrying a gigantic purse/diaper bag so it doesn't seem that big to me.
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Subbing. Thanks for the great thread!!
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We have a household notebook. It's a 2 inch binder with the following sections:

phone numbers: personal address book and school directories go here
home: misc. stuff that relates to house stuff like trash pickup schedule
business cards
take out menus
gift cards
DS2 in each section, I keep an info sheet with SS#, bus schedule, school schedule, routines, etc. Anything that relates to them. I also keep stuff from school, letters of importance . . . anything I'd need to know if I had to fill out a form from school

I made it using a regular binder, section dividers, and page protectors.

We love it. It was a lifesaver when DS2 was born--there were a lot of people in and out to watch the older kids, and DH called a million times from home looking for something and I could just say, "Check the binder." Between that and the huge calendar, we're pretty well organized.

I'm still working on other paper clutter, records, and the million papers that come home from school--but they are all at least in the same closet. So I'm getting there. But the binder is a huge help.
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Originally Posted by orangefoot View Post
Have you seen this?

I've moved our filing cabinet to a more accessible place so I can start to do something like it. I've tried an notebook before but it got lost or I didn't write in it so now I just stick with a calendar which shows 1 week at a time.
WOW! I really love JOYS system! I really want to get that! Maybe that is what I will ask for for Christmas,
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Have you ladies seen keepingthehome.com?? She really goes into detail about her HMB, and offers PICTURES!!

I've had it in my favorites for a while now... I have good 'intentions' of one day starting one. :

And on the left-side column, down the page, is a section called "Peek into Other's Binders". Might be some good ideas there.
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Nevermind, clearly not
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great thread!
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Originally Posted by Billie View Post
Have you ladies seen keepingthehome.com?? She really goes into detail about her HMB, and offers PICTURES!!

I've had it in my favorites for a while now... I have good 'intentions' of one day starting one. :

And on the left-side column, down the page, is a section called "Peek into Other's Binders". Might be some good ideas there.
Yep, another poster referenced it early on. it's great!
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I use my own take on the FlyLady's Home Journal.
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