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Lotrimin for yeast infection?

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I know nothing about Lotrimin, but was just told to use it for dd. She possibly has a yeast infection, at least her doc wants to treat it as one for the next 48 hours. They said to:

Apply Lotrimin 4x/day
Sitz baths 2x/day (2T baking soda in bath)
Panty free as much as possible
Eat yogurt (and I will be adding in powdered acidophilus)

Would it be better to apply yogurt instead of the Lotrimin? I've never done that - just plain yogurt, I'm assuming?

Any other suggestions welcome. TIA
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I'm resorting to using it. I just got back from CVS. Dd has had a rash for three days. It was to the point I missed work. Going diaper free really does help. I had to buy some because the moment she had a bath, it came back. I question the 4 x a day though. Most recommend only two or three times.

Here's some links that I found for myself

Gotta go put her to bed.

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I have had really good luck with coconut oil. It has helped dd yeast rash immensely.
GOod Luck
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