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Oct No-Spend Challenge: End of the month is here. Hang on No-spenders Almost There! - Page 68

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I really wanted to stop for Starbucks today but I did NOT! It was even (sort of) on the way to and from my parents' house (where we went for the afternoon) with a drive-thru.

However, I came home and ordered $100.77 worth of supplements from LuckyVitamin.com (they have amazing prices and free shipping for orders over $100). That wasn't so bad, because it's stuff we "need."

But then DH was rooting around in the kitchen after dinner and we bothd decided ice cream would be good. That required an emergency run to CVS for some Haagen-Dazs, at the tune of $4.29.

10/1: $152.06 car repair
10/2: $74.31 groceries
10/3: $313.57 ($200 deposit into the United Natural Foods Buying Club account and $5.26 for a sympathy card and q-tips and $108.31 in supplements and shampoo/conditioner at LuckyVitamin.com)
10/4: $26.65 for a retractable clothesline, three animal magnets, and some tea-light candles
10/5: $0...finally!
10/6: $47.98 ($24.58 groceries -- including brats for the grill for dinner -- and $23.40 for a reusable furnace filter and wooden dowel at Home Depot)
10/7: $23.77 groceries
10/8: $226.69 ($39.78 groceries and $186.91 another car repair)
10/9: $182.54 ($11.68 Walgreen's and $170.86 Holztiger nativity set)
10/10: $0
10/11: $118.11 ($10.69 post office for catalog return and stamps + $85.31 hardware store for paint, weatherstripping and birdseed -- and one fridge magnet that was not needed! + $12.17 Target for Lansinoh and a birthday gift + $9.94 Walgreens for Halloween candy)
10/12: $0
10/13: $0
10/14: $0
10/15: $243.09 ($168.79 groceries + $74.30 Frontier co-op)
10/16: $0
10/17: $26.88 hardware store (weatherstripping/proofing supplies)
10/18: $39.05 Target (wreath + Halloween decoration for front door)
10/19: $0
10/20: $188.69 ($5 drop-off at the dump + $14 pumpkin farm for three pumpkins, votive candles, and a pony ride for DS + $43 lunch + $126.69 Target for three shelving units)
10/21: $0
10/22: $74.25 groceries
10/23: $0
10/24: $0
10/25: $105.06 ($100.77 LuckyVitamin.com + $4.29 CVS for ice cream)
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Originally Posted by mamamilkers View Post
IME the check will just be split amongst everyone but the birthday girl, so although it wouldn't be rude, you'd still probably pay a bit more.
Yeah, but if you just get an appetizer or a salad, b/c you ate before, the check will be less. So you may pay a bit less after all. I'd eat before anyway, but that's just me.
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Prudence, 6 no spend days in a row... Keep up the great work!
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We thought we were going to ahve to evacuate and somehow at that point we just tore through money. We put gas in both cars, bought lots of diapers, ate in restaurants, bought quick food at the grocery store...it's ugly, please forgive me. We're home, we're safe and we're now broke. Not so broke we won't buy stuff for the people in evacuation centers though.

Oct 1 $63 BRU $327.60 plane tix
Oct 2 $0
Oct 3 $10 Dr. Co-pay $3 Parking hate paying for parking at the Dr.
Oct 4 $0
Oct 5 $5 ice cream at the airport
Oct 6 $106.14 groceries (budgeted) $46.93 travel car seat bag (necessary) $95.00 car repair...not even the repair, just the diagnostic :
Oct 7 $0 Plus we didn't drive a car today. We did eat a restaurant meal but DH said it was his treat. Yes, the $ comes from the same account but I am only holding myself responsible for me here.
Oct. 8 $0
Oct 9 : $1075 car repair $10 Dr. co-pay
Oct 10 Groceries $55.00 budgeted and necessary
Oct 11 $32.00 lunch (me and DH), $37.00 drugstore, and $6.32 ice cream
Oct 12 $0
Oct 13 $0
Oct 14 $0
Oct 15 $0
Oct 16 $0
Oct 17 $5.73 at Wendy's!!! grrr
Oct 18 $6.17 at Rubio's
Oct 19 $95.73 on groceries
Oct 20 : $124.50 at Trader Joe's and $25 at dinner out
Oct 21 $112 in candle stuff
Oct 22 $94.25 at the grocery store $57.04 in gas
Oct 23 $48.07 at the grocery store
Oct 24 $44.71 grocery store $32.01 at a restaurant
Oct 25 $0

10/15 no spend days
6/8 restaurant meals
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Originally Posted by liangel View Post
He was on the phone today with technical support from Dell. A call for me came in and he took a message (sort of). When he was off the phone he says to me "Uh some guy called".

Me: "What guy? Who was it"
DH: I don't know his name, but it was about a job you applied for

I have been applying for jobs online, so I wondered which one it was

Me: Okaaaay. How come you didn't get his name?
DH: I was on the phone and I forgot. Here's the number though.

So I see the number and recognize which job it was for. Thank goodness.
: a very bad receptionist! My DH is the same way... :

Glad you recognized the job though! Good luck, mama!
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Originally Posted by TRIBE View Post
Goals to date:
21/23 no spend days
19/28 car rest days
day 20 of quitting smoking
paid off apartment lease debt $2300
paid off cell phone debt $383.96
TRIBE you're doing great!
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Oct. 1:
Oct. 2:
Oct. 3:
Oct. 4:
Oct. 5: $30 - amount over "necessary" for big potty celebration
Oct. 6:
Oct. 7:
Oct. 8:
Oct. 9:
Oct. 10:
Oct. 11:
Oct. 12:
Oct. 13:
Oct. 14:
Oct. 15:
Oct. 16:
Oct. 17:
Oct. 18:
Oct. 19:
Oct. 20:
Oct. 21: $17 overbudget eating out
Oct. 22: $20.55 overbudget eating out
Oct. 23:
Oct. 24:
Oct. 25:

Purchased some items for a Halloween party tomorrow, but within gifts/entertaining budget.

* Less than $100 in frivolous spending: month to date $67.55
* At least 25 days (no spend or spending w/in budget): 22/25
* No McDonalds: 25/31
* Avoid Target: 24/31
* Pack snacks/water for outings: 25/31
* NO library fines: month to date $0
* Stay within grocery budget: $432/$430
* Stay within eating out budget: $117.55/$80

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Originally Posted by pacificbliss View Post
We thought we were going to ahve to evacuate and somehow at that point we just tore through money. We put gas in both cars, bought lots of diapers, ate in restaurants, bought quick food at the grocery store...it's ugly, please forgive me. We're home, we're safe and we're now broke. Not so broke we won't buy stuff for the people in evacuation centers though.
So glad you are safe and did not need to evacuate; thinking of those in CA who are displaced and/or losing their homes right now. People and safety definitely trump money in these situations. Take good care!

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Originally Posted by ReadingMama View Post
So no spend days involve not spending besides the necessities, right? (It doesn't mean absolutely no spending, right?) hgy6u8y6
Oh, I have A LOT more no spend days then! I thought it was spending no money at all. I was truly amazed at some of you!
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Oct 1: $1.00 at work on coffee and a diet pepsi
Oct 2: .25 on coffee
Oct 3: .25 on coffee and we picked up books & movies at the library
Oct 4: only coffee 0.25
Oct 5: Got Starbucks but had a GC so no out of pocket, $11.75 groceries (budgeted)
Oct 6: Blew it. Big time. Hit Costco and I am to emberrased to even say what we spent. We also got pizza for lunch. And I needed gas. Yikes. We are home now and plan to stay here
Oct 7: only spent on groceries
Oct 8: .25 on coffee and $10 on 2 perscriptions (necessary), & $51 on sheets for DD, unplanned but necessary (LL Bean, bought on line to save me from actually stepping foot into the mall )
Oct 9: Gymboree $35, I got a Gymbuck for free, so I had to spend it ... got a lot though... swimsuit, t-shirt, & 2 socks for DD, umbrella & 2 pairs socks for DS.
Oct 10: only $ on groceries (budgeted)
Oct 11: $3.50 latte , $1.35 Dr. Pepper
Oct 12: .25 coffee, $4.20 slurpees, $21.24 All You magazine subscription
Oct 13: no spend, staying home
Oct 14: bought groceries and gas (all budgeted), home now and staying here.
Oct 15: .25 coffee
Oct 16: .25 coffee, stopping @ Walgreen's on the way home but only buying peanut butter and gum, both on sale + coupons, out of grocery budget
Oct 17: .25 on coffee.
Oct 18: .25 on coffee
Oct 19: , no spend!!!
Oct 20: $8.78 lunch with kiddos, $12.59 supplies for painting pumpkins, $4.33 additional Halloween stuff for kiddos
Oct 21: $40 for Pumpkin Patch & Lunch
Oct 22: .25 on coffee
Oct 23: no spend!!
Oct 24: $6.50 Starbucks . Sigh.
Oct 25: $20 dinner. Just. Couldn't. Cook. . And Dh is getting ready to leave in the morning til next Wed. I deserved the break. Right?!?!
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1st Resume paper and tape -- within budget
2nd Food, gas, coffee -- all within budget
4th Gas, $1.07 for a shower card, $6.50 for ds's winter coat, $2.70 for shipping from a previous coop
5th $1.62 for coffee, $0.89 at J. Crew, $19 for pizza
6th spent, but within budget... all reasonable stuff.
7th $11.27 at the deli; $9 for a pair of longies; $21 for a pair of clogs for me; $13 for ds2's Halloween costume; $12 for the sheer miracles coop
8th $122 on food; $2.70 on coffee (which includes a drink for dc, but I'll take it out of coffee), $9 to take ds1 to Friendly's since the library was closed; $10.75 for ds1's costume
9th $39 gas; 1.73 coffee
11th $2.50 coffee for DH and me; $2.50 milk; (DH also spent the following since we were with his daughter: $9 pictures; $25 junk at Target; $35 pizza, etc.; I am not counting this. I am hoping to return the junk to Target.)
12th $8 fast food; $42 sushi $5 gas
13th $35 socks; $50 food; $40 gas
14th $6.67 for coffee and a bagel :; $175 food, which will be delivered on Tuesday; $5 shipping for books
15th $70 food; $2.50 fast food (pancakes); $2.75 coffee; $6 tire repair
16th $1.75 coffee; $7 map; $40 gas
18th $2.50 for a cup of coffee and a banana; $5 fast food; $4 thrift shop
19th Bought necessary stuff at Target (wipes, baking pans, mixed fruit, coffee) for $40 and a few gifts for ds's b-day for $7 at Walmart.
20th Ran a race that cost $20; dh bought coffee and pizza for us $12; bought four gourds for $1; gas $40
21st $30 race, $15 fast food for breakfast, $47 food store
22nd $25 for car set at the second hand store; $3 fast food
23rd $10 bagels, $3 coffee and water
24th $83 groceries, $5 boots for ds1, $40 gas
25th $2.70 coffee for me and fries for ds; $20 on pizza with dsd

food: $733/$800 (groceries and eating out/taking out)
gas: $264/$250
coffee, etc: $29.70/$30
Halloween: 38.75/$40
fast food: 34.50/$25
misc. spending: $260/$50

3/15 no spend days

I missed swim class or I would have bought more coffee. I really missed going though.
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Originally Posted by mrskennedy View Post
TRIBE you're doing great!
Thanks but it's easy when you have no money left Next month looks like it may very well go the same direction *sigh* I need to knit/sell more!
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So I got a check for my birthday from my dad's dp or as I like to call her my better mom. Part of me really really wants to go blow it at knitpicks.com or even Michaels but the other part of my brain says save/put towards bills. I really should not feel guilty about wanting to spend it but I do!

Oct 1:
Oct 2:
Oct 3:
made $70
made $8
Oct 4:
Oct 5:

Oct 6:

Oct 7:
Oct 8: :
Oct 9:
Oct 10:
Oct 11: : fell off the wagon $173 @ evil-mart, $5 on weekly coffee
Oct 12:
Oct 13:

Oct 14:

Oct 15:

Oct 16:
Oct 17:
Oct 18:
Oct 19:
Oct 20:
Oct 21:
Oct 22:
Oct 23:
Oct 24:
Oct 25: dh bought us both a coffee but since I haven't had my weekly coffee out it's a no spend. Also buying a few more essential groceries.

Goals to date:
22/23 no spend days
20/28 car rest days
day 21 of quitting smoking
paid off apartment lease debt $2300
paid off cell phone debt $383.96

Necessary clothing/shoes
Halloween costumes DONE
New puppy payments
1 weekly coffee out
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Me, I so need this place.

1. My name is Jana. I recently became a SAHM, DD 3.5 and twins 6 months. Often to get out of the house and cure boredom, we'll hit the mall or Target. Resulting spending has gotten out of control. If this place doesn't work, my next step is to pull my weekly alotment of cash for groceries, gas, gifts, etc and when it's gone, it's gone.

2. First goal is to control my spending. Once I start seeing an improvement, we want to save more (next home, kids college, etc) and put more toward student loans. Hope to have DHs student loan paid off by 4/08, then we'll double up on my payments.

3. Game plan:
* My "spending" will come from eBay and TP sales. This is my fun money and will also help with Christmas gifts.
* Spend less than $50 a trip at Target. Sounds like a lot I know, but my average is generally over $100. Must haves ONLY. What IS it about that place??!!
* Starbucks, oh my Starbucks. Can't go cold turkey, goal is 1 trip a week and drink only, no sweets or treats.
* Meal plan and stick to it.
* Try a waiting period for purchases.
* Bake more at home, no quick trips to the grocery for desserts.
* Cut grocery bill, averages $110, want it closer to $80.
* Scrapbook supplies. I need NOTHING. Use my stash first.

GOALS (For remainder of October):
* Grocery trip $90 or less. $0
* At least 4 (20 for November) days no spend or spending w/in budget: 0/4
* Starbucks: 0/1 (4 trips in November)
* Target Trips less than $50: 0/4
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Originally Posted by michelle524 View Post
I agree - get the dog a bed, that's necessary. We actually had to get our guy a new bed the other day b/c his old bones couldn't handle his old flat one. Also, if you met my aunt, you might make her sleep on a pile of tees. :

Thanks for helping me with that decision. I knew I'd be getting him a bed at some point, but I didn't know if I should make do until I save up the money or just try to squeeze it in our budget when my husband gets paid in a few days. If I stop the going out to eat I'll be able to afford it then. (He's sleeping on an old pillow right now.) The dog, not my husband...

Day 2: no spending!
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Oct. 25 $3 Tim Hortons while giving DD a chance to try out the day home. On the good side, she did pretty well for her first time alone - didn't cry until she saw me coming to pick her up. "hey mom - you LEFT!"

Thanks for the advice everyone - I think I will eat before. I don't mind paying my share of the birthday girl's meal, it's just ME I worry about. I normally have no restraint when eating out - there's no such thing as just order a meal and water and go home - it's wine, appies, desert, etc.
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Another no spend for me. DH did get a haircut, but that is in our budget. Also, I was reaaaallly tempted to stop for fast food for dinner cause we were out close to dinner time but I knew I had to report back here- so thanks everyone!

Tomorrow is DD1's fall carnival and auction and we are not bringing more than the entry fee ($20/family, which supports her school) so I won't be tempted to buy stuff at the auction.


Oct 20 Groceries
Oct 21 : $50 sushi for BIL
Oct 22 comforter for DH and I (returned spendier one)
Oct 23 Veggie box and Groceries ($5 frivolous otherwise in budget), comforter for DD2, snow tires for DH's car $300 used!, Halloween pumpkins and candy, winter boots for DD1, shampoo for girls, gasoline
Oct 24 car
Oct 25 DH haircut (under budget)


Plan menu and make grocery list every week! 1/2
Grocery shop once a week only 0/2
Fill up car once a week only on grocery day 0/2
Post used dipes and other stuff to sell on craigslist and tp
Cancelled Cable TV, saving us ~$45/month

Upcoming extras:
DD1 Snow boots 28/$35
Comforter for DD2 $43 (now need to make or con MIL into making duvet for it.)
Halloween candy 12/$10 plus forgot about pumpkins 17 dollars
DD1's school fall carnival and auction $20
I think I'm forgetting something...
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Originally Posted by TRIBE View Post
my dad's dp or as I like to call her my better mom.

I'm pretty sure it was you who l laughed at my aunt comment and now I'm dying here over this one - I say the same thing about my step mom!! Perhaps we're related somehow...
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It was no drive, but not no spend. We got dinner out b/c I was seriously about to just run away from home last night. Rice and beans was NOT going to cut it.

DS is still not sleeping (I spent about 4 collective hours bouncing up and down the hall trying to get him to), I hurt my knee big time, which isn't getting better b/c of said bouncing and I'm still feeling the after effects of the new computer (anyone have Vista and want to shoot herself??). Ugh. So eggplant parm for me last night.

Today is grocery shopping. I feel weak... must turn on the blinders...

5/10 no spend
5/7 no drive
: $82.67/$100 non-essential spending
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3 Groceries
7 Gas
12 Groceries
18 Groceries + $30 unnecessary + $35 necessary
20 $12 on lottery tickets. 2 x 3 drawings.
26 Groceries

Budgeted spending:
$310/350 groceries
$48/50 gas
$21.50/25 crazy money
$0/30 footwear
$1/30 to give away

***Car registration Paid!***
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