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four-year-old and baby talk

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dd1 talks in baby talk all the time, and has been for about a month or so and it is driving dh and I up the wall.... the funny thing is that dd2 hasn't really started saying anything yet, though obviously dd1 is trying to get more attention by talking baby talk.... dh and I have told her we will pay attention to her, that all she needs to do is use her regular voice, and that her baby voice is hard to understand. Sometimes when she says something I will ask her to use her regular voice. I have told her stories about how special her voice is.... and I am not 100% on this, but I think sometimes she uses the voice when she is asking for something that she thinks might get a "no" or when she is feeling insecure.... I get this feeling mostly through body language and the voice, though most of the time what she is asking for is reasonable and not something I would say no to.... I am at a loss for what to do to resolve this, and sometimes her baby voice feels as grating as fingernails on a chalkboard. Any help would be appreciated.
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My 4yo does this too!!!! Not all the time but sometimes and it drives me batty! She tends to do it if she's feeling shy or awkward about something but sometimes, she does it for no reason.

If she's feeling shy or awkward, I don't make a huge issue out of it but I do tell her I can only understand big girl words.

If she's doing it just to do it, I ignore it and say firmly "Big girl words only, please" and I pretened not to understand her until she speaks in her normal voice.
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my 4 year old too! And we don't even have a new baby around (he's an only) so I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. It is annoying. I hope it passes soon!
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Mine too. Both of mine. Drives me CRAZY! I try to ignore it, though sometimes it's hard.

Also, they love to "play baby," a game in which they go into another room and curl up on the floor. I'm supposed to be walking around and happen upon this poor, abandoned baby. I swoop it up in my arms and it coos and babbles to me.
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My four year old does it too (although less now). If it makes you feel any better, I think it's just a 4 yo phase as my friend's 4 yo did it and they had no baby after him.

I just ask him to repeat what he asked in a big boy voice. Like I said, it's been happening a lot less recently, which is nice.

Good luck!
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my 2yr 8 mo old DD2 does this sometimes... she usually speaks quite clearly but we have a little neighbor (4 years old ) who does the baby talk thing and DD2 apparently thinks it is cute. I don't say anything about 'big girl' voices but I do fake not to understand her until she gets annoyed with me and uses her regular voice
maybe though, if it was in reaction to having a new baby in the family, we would do more proactive 'babying'.

DD1 did go through a bunch of the "pretend I was a lost little kitten and I was at the pound and you let me out and you held me and you asked me to be yours forever and you snuggled me..." for the year after DD2 was born. It was so cute and I got a lot of snuggle time with my little 'kitten'.
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its sooooo annoying. :
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Youa re not alone!!!!!!! My almost 4 yo old does this, too. Then he likes me to "rock him, and put him down," like I do with my 1 yo. It does annoy me, but then I wonder if I am not "babying"him enough anymore ~ and he wants to be babied still like the baby That makes me feel kinda bad and I do try to give him more cuddle/ snuggle time.

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