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Flying while pregnant?

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I googled, but all the advice regarded doctors and hospitals, etc... So I thought I'd ask you ladies.

We're kicking around the idea of TTC starting in January or February. We have a LOT of weddings/events to attend in 2008 that require flying, and that I really want to attend. If we got pregnant right away, the last of these events happen at 36 weeks or so.

Is there any reason not to fly if you are having an uncomplicated pregnancy and are planning a home birth past that time?
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Isn't there a cut off of when airlines LET you fly?
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Originally Posted by Ackray View Post
Isn't there a cut off of when airlines LET you fly?
From what I can tell, depending on the airline it's anywhere from "not currently in labor" up to 30 days before EDD. Some require a doc's note (another snafu in the homebirth scenario).

I guess I'm wondering how late you would consider flying...
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This might help. Scroll down for specific airlines:

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Great link. I am flying this weekend and will be 34 weeks. We are flying AirTran and they require a Dr note. Most airlines have some policy, but with Dr clearance you will be fine.

Of course my 2 cents is, fly fly fly! Assuming you have no risk to preterm labor. blood clotting, etc.
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most airlines will let you fly until 36 weeks. As for the Dr.s note - I flew internationally at 30 weeks with a note from my midwife and it was totally fine. Uncomfortable, but fine!
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I know Alaska Air has no restrictions, essentially, because many women (example: me) have to fly them just to get to their health care providers, and have to fly to wait out the end of their pregnancies.
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Originally Posted by Ackray View Post
Isn't there a cut off of when airlines LET you fly?
Nope, as long as you have a dr's note. I flew at 37 weeks while pregnant with dd1, they never even asked to see my dr's note.
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I'm flying in a few weeks--I'll be 16 weeks or so. My only concern is--will they notice I'm pregnant and offer me an upgrade?
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nope.... we were told they werent allowed to do that.... (we tried coming back to the states from germany when i was 11ish weeks....) dh and i were in thee 2 seat section by the window, squished up.... the flight was fairly empty, and thankfully a guy in the middle row next to us (had the whole 5 seat row to himself) switched with us, and it was a lot more comfortable after that
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I flew just as I was entering my third tri and came across my first episode of swelling... my legs/ankles were so swollen after even one short flight I had to spend 30 minutes every day in the pool after that to be able to see my ankles. It's managable, but uncomfortable, so I wouldn't go far if I could help it. Also, my hips had spread a little, so the seat seemed a bit tighter than ever before! Good luck. If you can avoid long trips, I would.

I've had the swelling in my legs ever since that trip, but maybe it would've happened anyway. Still, I would probably not fly again that late in my pregnancy (took a long trip in my 2nd tri and it was ok), but that's just me. I don't think it's dangerous if you're low-risk, just can be uncomfortable.
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