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sorry i've been MIA

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Nolan was born on aug. 26th 2007. He weighed 8lbs 12 oz and 22" long. I was in labor for 38 hours with 3.5 hours of pushing. i really wanted to do the whole thing natural, but after 30 hours of labor (the last 3 staying stuck at 6cm) the midwife decided to give me pitocin and I opted for an epidural because i was EXHAUSTED and she was worried that if i didn't rest, i'd end up with a c-sec because i'd be too tired to push. After all that, and having it been so long since my water broke, my baby had a fever so he was rushed to the NICU after I only got to hold him for about 20 minutes. He did breastfeed right away though so that was nice. While in the NICU they discovered that he has a heart defect. It is called Tetralogy of Fallot. He ended up in the NICU for 5 days (2 days after I was discharged) and we now need to get him corrective surgery when he's 3 months old. We live in Vermont, but will need to travel down to Boston for the surgery. I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long, but the birth experience for me was quite emotionally tramautic to say the least. I never left his side in the NICU. I literally camped out in a chair next to him and held/breastfed him as much as possible. The only time i would leave was go eat and then i would come back to find a nurse trying to give him a paci/formula/etc. I was very annoyed by this because i said NO ARTIFICIAL NIPPLE/BREASTMILK ONLY! grr. But luckily because of all my efforts breastfeeding went off to a great start and is still going strong today! My little man just turned a month old yesterday and is now up to 10 lbs 6 oz. I love him with all my heart! And if you are still reading this...THANK YOU...i know it's long! Hopefully I will post my actual birth story soon.
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Congratulations! Sounds like a very tough experience, but I'm glad you all came through it so well. 30 hours of natural labor is a huge accomplishment, and it sounds like the interventions you had were very appropriate for your situation. What will the surgery entail?
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congratulations! And good for you for doing such a great job breastfeeding!!
We just had a friend who had a baby with a heart defect. They thought she'd need surgery but found out last week that it's not necessary. Maybe the same will happen for you. And if not, I pray for a perfect recovery for your little one.
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Congratulations on your baby!
That's wonderful he is breastfeeding so well. Good for you!
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Congratulations on the birth of your son! Sorry both you and Nolan has such a rough start. Sounds like things are looking up for you though! Hang in there momma, you are doing a wonderful job. I will add you both to the welcome thread
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Congrats! Way to go with such a long, tough labor. Can you believe its over?

I also live in VT.. I'm sorry the hosp didn't respect your requests that's ridiculous... may i ask if it was in burlington? I'm glad your child is home with you now. Thoughts are with you and yours surrounding his procedure.
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Congratulations! I hope all goes well with Nolan.

(And why are hospitals so disrespectful!:?! )
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Oh mama, congratulations!!
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