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Originally Posted by pamamidwife View Post
1stimestar, I think we are basically agreeing.
Yes we are.
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Yeah to what everyone else said. I'd be looking for a new midwife mama. You deserve the best birth possible!
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So here is my update so far:

We took more bloodwork to check for things and did a clean catch (not a 24 hr sent to a lab though) and it showed my urine was fine that day. Weird. MW-C isn't interested in a 24 hour yet because I don't have any symptoms of pre-e!

Basically I've had most of my appointments alone with MW-P and when she is alone, the things she says are different than when she is with MW-C. She has been very upsetting the past couple of months.

Hubby and I spoke a little with MW-C who was at the appointment and giving it her full attention. She doesn't feel I am a liability. She says we still need to watch for a high BP and signs of toxemia - and I agree with her - but she absolutely does NOT feel my c-section 12 years ago with two VBACs since is a problem, my weight isn't a problem, etc.

I believe she also realizes she can no longer allow MW-P to be there alone with me.

It's taken this long, but the hubster and I realize we're not happy with the character of MW-P and most likely will ask for complete removal from our case. This has made me nervous as she is local with MW-C coming in from 40+ minutes away, depending on traffic, and likewise if hubby is stuck in traffic, it might take him 3 hours to get home. I may be laboring alone for a long time.

BUT this will probably be our best course. MW-P completely denied her intentions at our last meeting 2 weeks ago (I believe she is trying to push me out to an OB) and says she didn't say I should get an OB consult.

When I consented to one, MW-C was given the report that I wanted one. I didn't do it though because we decided to wait for MW-Cs feelings on this.

So she was confused and point blank asked me if I wanted an OB to which my husband I said emphatically NO. What doctor would tell me "SURE! Have a homebirth!"

So I believe this is actually based on a personality problem or something like it. I am sticking with the plan to homebirth with MW-C unless something happens between now and then that risks me out. In that case, I am ready for that. I was NOT ready for being risked out for no reason though!

Thanks for the support!

And let me just add that I believe in midwives as a whole and my experience is an anomoly and not the norm. I am disappointed, but also grateful to have what I have had so far. It's by far better for me than an OB relationship.
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