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Seeking recipes to FREEZE for upcoming birth!

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Here is the thread I posted on the 'pregnancy' boards, but I am hoping someone here can help me too, thanks SO much!

Foods To Freeze, Need Recipes!
Oh I ask toooo many questions!!

Anyway, I want to ask you all if you had a website or new of a magazine I could get that would give me some EASY (easy!), not too many ingredients, but healthy, meals to make now and freeze for the week(s) after the baby is born.

My stepmom is coming to help for several days but she is Martha-Stewart like in her cooking and I can't ask her, will get some serious Epicurious-type meals that I don't have any time or desire to deal with!

Any websites? That would be easiest since I could print and take along with me to the grocery.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this one, only about 4-6 weeks left, I want to get on the ball with this as I never did with other 2 kids and we suffered with meals, he he.
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Freezable Recipes

I've been freezer cooking for about 5 years. The best book out there in my opinion is 30 Day Gourmet. You can find it at www.30daygourmet.com there is a board there with lots of recipes posted. There are also several email loops at yahoo. My favorite two are friendly-freezer and Frozen Assets. I'm not trying to spam, but my friend that I cook with and I have put together a small cookbook of our family favorites as well.

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Great! How can I find out more about your cookbook????

I like easy to prepare, not a lot of ingredients but healthy.

I know they are out there, but to come up with several all at once is not something I have a lot of time for, I have 2 other kids at home!!

I will def check that site out!
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Quiche freezes well, and is easy to make with store-bought pie shells.

You can find recipes by preparation method (freezer) at: http://www.recipezaar.com
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These aren't recipes, but I'm sure you have your favorites that you could just multiply. If not, let me know and I can give you some (no time now). Chili freezes well, as do other types of soups and stews. I've frozen enchiladas, too. You can freeze them after you cook them or before. Also, I make large quantities of meatloaf mix, form it into individual meatloaves (I use a kitchen scale to make them a uniform size). I then put them on a lined cookie sheet and freeze them. Once they're frozen I take them out, wrap them individually and put them in freezer bags. When I'm ready to cook them, I just take them out of freezer, place them on a lined cookie sheet, brush on ketchup or salsa, and bake them. No need to thaw. I also freeze mashed potatoes, but be sure they have cooled completely before you freeze them because they will have a funny texture when thawed if they were warm when put in the freezer.


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Before my dd was born, I made the following things. (No recipes- I just wing-it with everything but baked goods, which is funny since I used to be a baker!) DD is now almost 3 months and I still have lots in my freezer. Also, since I eat only poultry and meat substitute, I am including some of the things I made for meat-eating sis when she was pregnant with D# #2.

Cinnamon bread
Chocolate chip cookies
Strawberry jam bars
blueberry crumb bars (had to get the yummy stuff out of the way first!)

French toast sticks
baked oatmeal
breakfast burritos
Quiche (cheese and spinach)

chicken spiedies
potato soup
meatless spinach lasagna
pizza (REALLY easy if you buy the dough)
potato soup
turkey casserole
turkey pot pie
hot pocket type things- pizza filled and mexican
shepard's pie
scalloped potatoes
au gratin potatoes
baked ziti
macaroni and cheese
bread sticks
cheesy corn spoon bread
chicken nuggets (these came in REALLY handy when my sis came up with her two little ones to meet my new babe)
rosemary potatoes
garlic mashed potatoes
sausage cheese bread

I know there were a lot more things, but I can't remember them right now.
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