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Ds read The Mongolian Art of War (in between re-reading his latest issue of Military History Monthly, this should tell you all you need to know about my boy )
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We had a bit of a marathon this morning at work. Not your average gym childcare, I tell ya. Those kids had 24 books read to them.

Hansel & Gretel (Patience)
Jack and the Beanstalk (Patience)
Goodnight Moon (Brown)
Winnie-the-Pooh Tells Time (Milne, Shepherd)
Winnie-the-Pooh ABC (Milne, Shepherd)
Winnie-the-Pooh 123 (Milne, Shepherd)
Winnie-the-Pooh Opposites (Milne, Shepherd)
Winnie-the-Pooh Colors (Milne, Shepherd)
Mother Goose's Humpty Dumpty and Friends
Curious George and the Bunny (Ray)
PlayTime with Big Bird (Gorbaty)
Barneys's Alphabet Soup
Santa's Workshop
Rainbow Duck (Lodge)
It's Not Easy Being a Bunny (Sadler)
Things That Go (Midal)
Corduroy's Halloween (Freeman)
Now, Soon, Later (Grunwald)
Dinosaur Train (Gurney)
Kiara's Colors
Itsy Bitsy Spider (Spangler)
My Big Bright World (Gabriel)
The Moon in my Room (McGrew)
Polly Squawks (Parent)
Care Bears Bedtme Bear (Knight)
Gandhi (Mitchell)
2 chapters from The Littles (our current chapter book)
and one disc from The Golden Compass (Pullman) unabridged audio

The Gandhi book was great. Juvenile nonfiction from the library--lengthy and meaty without dragging, intelligent without being too complicated, and captured my oldest's interest and she wants to learn more. Happy birthday, Gandhi!
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Dani,11 read chapter 10 of Little House in the Big Woods today.
Timmy,7 read pages 1-8 of the first Harry Potter book.

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Tonight DH did stories with Niamh so I am not sure what he read (Niamh picked). Rhys and I read the first 5 stories from HarperCollins Treasury of Picture Book Classics. I really like this book even though I already own several of the books in it. Its a great collection and unlike 20th century it has all the pictures of the original (but only 12 stories so that is the trade off).

Also read 2 chapters from Wizard of Oz and some other random books earlier in the day (and Niamh insisted on reading Caps for Sale to me...she did pretty well too given that she is reciting from memory).

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Right now we are reading the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman....we breezed through The Golden Compass, and was halfway through The Subtle Knife when my son (will be 11 in a few weeks)decided he had to go on, and now he's nearly done. Hopefully tomorrow i'll catch up and we can get the final book from the library.

We're enjoying the series a whole lot, there's a movie coming out soon, so it will be interesting to see how they do it.

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We've been reading fall books all week, and we finished reading The Littles, so I'll need to pick out a new chapter book.
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Dh reads to us at night. He finished the second Harry Potter and will start The Westing Game tonight.

I read to dd, nearly 9, during the afternoons. I just finished the first Nancy Drew a few days ago and a few chapters on the D'Aulaires book on Norse Myths. I'll get back to the myth book tomorrow or maybe this afternoon.

We haven't read together today because she had a sleepover guest who just left. I don't think she's read anything besides her Pokedex today LOL
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I've completely lost count.

Big ds chose a new Magic School Bus book at a used book fair yesterday, his nose has been stuck in that a lot. I saw him picking up a Magic Treehouse book to read on his own accord, twice! That had me doing a happy dance! It is well within his reading ability, he's a very good reader, but I've yet to see him reading anything but picture books for enjoyment. I carefully steered his younger sibs away from him and didn't call him to the task he'd previously been asked to do for a good 40 minutes while he sat there flipping through it. He's also grabbed a few smaller books that are largely print with very little pictures, and read them instead of putting them back in the shelf. Had me very pleasantly surprised when he started telling me tales of Peter Rabbit, a book he's always ignored.

Big dd has been seen in a Word Bird book, a nursery rhyme book, The Golden Book of Animals, a Barbie something from the book fair, and she attempted reading a few board books to her very busy little sister.

Little ds can't get enough alphabet story books in, he got a Tonka tractor book with wheels on it from the book fair, every Thomas book in the house has been lugged under his arm throughout the week.

Little dd has gone through every board book in the house I think.
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Very cool, Moon! We're reading some MTH books as a family right now, and I can see Marian picking them up on her own down the road.

We've been reading lots of fall, pumpkin, Halloween chapter books, and the other day my xMIL read them all a giant stack of Pooh books. Today we read a chapter each from our 2 current chapter books.
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GranolaMoon, the same thing occured with my daughter. For enjoyment, she's been reading comics like Tintin, Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes. (NOTHING wrong with those! She's learned a lot of vocabulary and practices making comic panels...lots of good stuff there) But one day she picked up a Magic Treehouse book and immediately buried herself in it. She burns through those!

We've only been up for an hour and she's read a book on electricity, (don't know the title cuz I'm too lazy to get up and look...it's one of those How Things Work kind of books), parts of a Tintin (she likes to pick one up and go straight to her favorite parts) and a couple of Pokemon comics.

Plans for today are for me to read some Nancy Drew chapters and dad to read some chapters of The Cat Who Wanted to be a Man chapters (almost done!). I have no idea what she'll pick up to read but I'll report back when the day is done LOL
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